Sata’s agent Hapunda fires gun at night club

Sata’s agent Hapunda fires gun at night club

Dear Editor,

Last night I happened to witness the most outrageous and criminal act by a person who is supposed to be political figure, by the name of Brian Hapunda.

He irresponsibly opened gunfire in public, in full view of innocent patrons outside Livingstone’s East point Discoteque.

The matter has since been reported to Livingstone central police who have since summoned a colleague of mine who happened to be a direct innocent victim.

This act is unacceptable and would have caused serious injury, if not death to my innocent colleague who was out there to have fun.

Scores of Livingstone locals and taxi drivers witnessed this act and what is sad about it is that Brian Hapunda was doing it in full view of every while repeatedly saying he was invincible.

For confirmation you can keep in touch with Livingstone central police who received the report supported by a multitude of witnesses. These guys are beginning to act as if they are above the law an I have taken it upon myself to ensure that such evils are exposed and people should know what these thugs are upto.

Please note that I am nonpartisan and seek anonymity in this case in fear of the wrath that would follow me if I were to be exposed.hapunda

This happened in the early hours of this morning and I personally saw it. Right now my friend is semi-traumatised because of the shots, which Hapunda fired at him for fun.

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