Sata’s agent Hapunda heaps insults on Edwin Sakala

President Sata’s political agent in Southern Province Brian Hapunda has insulted Zambia Direct Democracy Movement (ZDDM) president Edwin Sakala for saying that the country is facing food shortages.

Hapunda described Mr. Sakala as a starving and disgraced old man. He said Mr Sakala is a food scavenger.

“As PF in Southern Province, we find the recent remarks attributed to Mr Sakala on Zambezi FM in Livingstone not only mischievous but a figment of his mind.

“Mr Sakala went on a lengthy chat of deceit and deliberate distortion of facts about the governance situation in the country with a view scoring cheap political points at Zambezi FM in Livingstone” Mr Hapunda said.He challenged Mr Sakala in a statement issued to tell the nation about the so-called food shortages the country is experiencing.Mr Hapunda said “Can he state what areas and how many people are affected by these imaginary shortages? We challenge him to substantiate his malicious claims.”He said the PF government is responsible and has been working tirelessly to ensure that the general welfare of all citizens is catered for and the lives of the people improve for the better.

Mr Hapunda said if there are food shortages in Mr Sakala’s residence; let him not assume everyone is as irresponsible as him.

“We know that the same way Mr Sakala scavenges for publicity; he does the same to earn a living sadly through politics. For a man of his age, we expect ZDDM president to devise better ways of looking after himself instead of these embarrassing escapades like his recent ‘paid for’ statement on Zambezi FM,” he said.

Mr Hapunda said the PF in Southern Province is happy with the programmes the Government is implementing and they are fully satisfied that by the time its 2016, the region will be a totally different place.

He urged Mr Sakala to confine his cheap politics to Lusaka and not bring them anywhere near Livingstone and Southern Province in general.

Mr Hapunda said the people of Southern Province are not short of voices to let starving and disgraced politicians like Mr Sakala project themselves as their defenders.







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