Sata’s aide George Chellah buys mansion for K900M cash

Sata’s aide George Chellah buys mansion for K900M cash

Chellah with his excellency

President Michael Sata’ press aide (mouth-piece) George Chellah has purchased a house from National Housing Authority at a cost of plus K900 million.

And Chellah has forced Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) to employ his wife as one of the senior marketing officers at Head Office.

A few months ago, Chellah’s wife Joana was working as an ordinary receptionist at ZAMTEL.

George Chellah ignored a press query sent to both his official email [email protected] and private email [email protected]

But sources at NHA told the Watchdog that the house Chellah paid for cash is situated in Ibex residential area along Twin Palm.

It is one of the new, high cost houses recently constructed by NHA.

The house was allocated to Chellah when he was appointed Sata’s aide to stay like most senior civil servants. But he has now decided to by it.

Before moving to to Ibex Hill, Chellah was staying in Chilenje area.

And security officials who first leaked the story to the Watchdog explained that their investigations show that Chellah did not obtain any loan to purchase the house. The security officials who said that they are keeping their findings private said there is no trace of a bank loan granted to Chellah anywhere in Zambia.

And people familiar with salaries of State house officials told the Watchdog that Chellah cannot afford to buy such a house from his pay.

They explained that Chellah’ take home pay is K17 million of which K7 million is used for utilities and paying domestic workers.

Assuming Chellah has been saving the entire K10 million he gets every month, it means that he has only served K90 million. So where did the K810 million come from?

Chellah also gets some allowances especially from accompanying Sata on trips. But sources say such allowances cannot add up to K900 million in a space of 10 months.

Before being appointed Sata’ press aide, Chellah was working at the Post newspaper where he and other journalists will sometimes go without salaries for five months. He specialised in writing articles about Sata and the PF thereby earning a living from the PF.

There are rumours that Chellah charges people to visit president Sata at State House.

One state house source said to see the president, one must pay Chellah in cash.

Businessmen of Asian origins have been singled out as the group that Chellah targets.

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