Sata’s arrogance will destroy PF – Mumba

MMD President Nevers Mumba says President Michael Sata’s arrogance will help kick the Patriotic Front out of office as Sata re-appoints Lombe Chibesakunda as Acting Chief Justice.

Dr. Mumba said in interview with the Zambian Watchdog that arrogance made the MMD to be booted out of power in 2011 and the current arrogance being exhibited by Sata is a clear sign that the PF is on it’s way out.

“One reason people give of the losing of power by the MMD in 2011is arrogance. They say MMD was arrogant. The arrogance by Mr. Sata on insisting that Lombe Chibesakunda continues as Acting Chief Justice is a sign that the PF is on its way out,” he said.

Dr. Mumba said not only are the people of Zambia against the continued stay of Chibesakunda as Acting Chief Justice but her officers.

“It is not only the general public against her continued stay as Acting Chief Justice but her own officers as well. This arrogance by Mr. Sata is affecting the smooth operations of the Judiciary,” he said.

President Sata on Monday re-appointed Lombe Chibesakunda as acting Chief Justice.

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