Sata’s beats Idi Amin, Baby Doc in 27 days

Sata’s beats Idi Amin, Baby Doc in 27 days

By the time Sata will have done five years, Idi-Amin-Dada above will look like a democrat

By Bwembya Mutale

In just 27 days in office, at worst President Michael Sata has beaten the historical knee-jerk leadership of the likes of Ugandan madman tyrannical Idi Amin Dada’s insanity rule, Haiti’s Jean-Claude Duvalier, the dictator known as Baby Doc that created a stunning political crisis and Jean-Bertrand Aristide  another failed radical populist, at major odds with common sense.

Within these 27 days President Sata with impunity has shredded the Zambian constitution, indiscreetly pronounced a catalog of utopian world policies lacking support frameworks such as funding.

His domestic and foreign policy pronouncements have been very risky on fundamentals of applied economics while approach on China, Malawi and Angola has been dangerous.

One is left wondering if he has policy experts at hand to advise him. So far his 27 days of goofs in office alarmingly has been unmatched to any failed tyranny.

Should we put to bed our citizenry and democratic duties against these leadership goofs, the Sata rule could spell untold economic decline, social disintegration, lawlessness and massive human rights violations on our country. Idi Amin started with xenophobia against the Asian community and marginalization of the Acholi and Langi ethnic groups who were objects of his political persecution. What we are beginning to see in Zambia is a replica of Idi Amin Dada. Zambians beware real power belongs to every Zambian from north to South, East to West.

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