Sata’s bitterness against rich Zambians

By Wright Musoma
How can the president of a country have problems with the wealthy indigenous Zambians who are working hard? This is not the first time president Michael Sata has complained about rich Zambians. He has had problems of ZRP founding president BY and Kavindele among others and as far as Sata is concerned,he would rather have the Indians, Chines and Whites get rich in Zambia than our own people.
As ZRP our priority is to have more than one million (1,000,000) successful indigenous Zambian entrepreneurs in steady of foreigners. We are going to change a situation where foreigners make millions of dollars in our country at the expense of our people. When we succeed in that area, we know that, that will lead into the creation of millions of jobs for our people and the widening of tax base. We want to break that cycle where people only get rich while in politics or government.
So successful indigenous Zambians like Hakainde Hichilema should be encouraged and honoured in steady of frustrating them. I told our people that Sata is a dictator who can only thrive well by intimidating and silencing any dissenting views. He and his team are labouring very hard to destroy the opposition political parties and democracy in Zambia. He is a dictator like his close friend Robert Mugabe and former president Kenneth Kaunda and that’s the many reason he is brought them close to himself. He wants Zambians to be poor so that he can control them like KK did.
This why he is reversing the sale of the parastatals such as ZAMTEL and now Zambia Railways, he wants them to be under government control so that they can be run by his cadres or relatives. How can Sata today say Zambia Railways was frivolously sold by the government in 20002 when Mwanawasa was the president at that time. We know that Sata has been so careful not to reveal any thing that is likely to mess up Mwanawasa because of his agreement with Fred Membe, but for him to start revealing that now, that shows how desperate he is in wanting to control us.
There was no need for president Sata and his minions in getting mad at HH and even go to an extent of reveal his wealth to the public when himself has in his camp people who have also accumulated a lot of wealth while in private,people like Mutembo Nchito, Miles Sampa, Fred Memmbe and GBM among others. Is Sata telling the nation that its okay for PF cadres who are not in government to accumulate a lot of wealth and not all of us? Is it in order for president Sata to reveal someone’s wealth maliciously without his consent? I believe that this careless attack and revelation of HH’s wealth can insight Sata’s political hooligans to harm him without any doubt.
The Author Wright Musoma is the President  of The Zambia Republican Party ZRP

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