Sata’s bodyguard sent back to prison

The Lusaka High Court has upheld the conviction and incarceration of Patriotic Front- PF cadre Judge Ngoma for assault occasioning bodily harm.

Ngoma is Sata’s bodyguard.

In a Judgment delivered on Monday, High Court Judge Emela Sunkutu quashed all the three grounds of appeal that Mr Ngoma advanced.

Judge Sunkutu noted that theSubordinate Courtwas on firm ground to convict Mr Ngoma.

She also dismissed Mr Ngoma’s plea for a suspended sentence.

Judge Sukuntu noted that the offence that Mr Ngoma was charged with by law requires a custodial sentence.

Judge Sukuntu also observed that Mr Ngoma acted in a barbaric manner to assault the former party members Sam Zulu and Mubanga Chileshe.

She stated that she would be failing in her duties not to uphold the custodial sentence because barbaric acts are harmful to society.

This is in a matter where Mr Ngoma appealed against a three years imprisonment slapped on him last year by the Lusaka Magistrates Court.

He was charged on two counts of assaulting former patriotic front members Sam Zulu and Mubanga Chileshe in 2009 who were addressing a press briefing.


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