Sata’s booing at AU sad but not surprising

Dear Editor,

Kindly allow me to share my sentiments with my fellow citizens. The story about Sata’s behaviour or conduct which attracted booing at the recent AU Summit made a very sad reading indeed BUT not Suprising. President Sata’s behaviour is very well known worldwide through a litany of his  illeterate relatives littering their Countries as as so called diplomats.  The fair minded press locally and internationally has chronicled incidences where president sata has continually embarassed the the Country and abused our collective intelligence .and when he gets back home there is no censure from any quarter of our Society as if He is above the law  or We made a Mistake to vote for him and we therofore stuck with him till 2016.

Should this be the Position apart from Empeachment Clause, then there is Urgent need for the New Constitution to include a provision for mid-term Elections to save the Country from such thuggish behaviour by a sitting President. Zambia is bigger than any of it’s Employees and if any such employee lacks the modicum of the decorum required of such an office they should be  shown the door. I still have faith in our Parliament to initiate action against one of their Own to stop this Country from bleeding further.

Nepotism charges can also be added as these can be proven as they are breach to national security and unity. The Man is aware that his weaknesses override his strength if Any hence His autocratic leadership to forestall dissent.


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