Sata’s calls for unity are not sincere as usual – MP Mweetwa

The calls for unity in the nation by ailing Dictator Michael Sata are not genuine, the opposition UPND has observed. The party says it has difficulties in understanding the calls.

Speaking to radio phoenix, UPND deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa said if Sata was genuine about his calls he should have addressed issues in Barotseland where people have been arrested and are leaving in fear and also the discriminatory release of constituency development funds in opposition held constituencies among many other unresolved matters.

Mweetwa also complained about the hate speech targeted at the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema which he partly attributed to state house spokesperson George Chellah.

“Among other contentious issues the President has failed is the rising hate speech against our party President, I know the President’s special assistant for Press is a man of abilities and can do better but of late the statements coming from the Presidency, demean that office. We have seen a sharp rise in hate speech against our party leader…. And this makes us doubt the President’s call for unity.”

During Independence celebrations Sata called for unity in the country but just a few days later during the dismissal of Information PS Emmanuel Mwamba accused the latter of granting nationwide broadcasting licenses to private radio stations to enable Hichilema insult him.

Vice President Guy Scott also told people in Mansa that Hichilema does not think while Lands minister Harry Kalaba said the people of Mansa central constituency can only have development resources if they voted for the ruling party.

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