Sata’s conduct below acceptable behaviour – FDD

The conduct by President Michael Sata during yesterday’s Labour Day Celebrations were he chose not to formally address the workers does not befit the office he holds, says oppostion FDD.

‘Labour Day is a very important day for our workers and should not be trivialized in the manner that the president just did’, said FDD spokeperson Antonio Mwanza

Mwanza said Workers throughout the nation marched and eagerly waited to hear what measures and policies the government has put in place in trying to address their plight which ranges from low wages, poor conditions of service, lack of housing and transport only to be “shunned’’ by their president.

‘ President Sata’s attitude towards such important national issues is very alarming. It is urgently vital for his handlers to make him understand that etiquette and presidential decorum is not an option but a must. The president should always exhibit the highest level of commitment and seriousness towards national issues and not to dramatize and trivialize important events such as the Labour Day,’ he said.

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