Sata’s confidant Ngoma says enemies have taken over PF

Sata’s confidant Ngoma says enemies have taken over PF

Late  president Michael Sata’s most trustworthy confidant and private bodyguard Judge Ngoma speaks out.

Ngoma says the ruling party has lost the pro poor values the party was founded on under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Ngoma, who was among the die-hard PF founders and body guard of the late Sata spent most of his life in prison under the MMD.

In the interview below, Ngoma laments how the same MMD members that tormented PF members are today in charge of the party.

He said Zambians are suffering under the leadership of President Lungu and the current hijacked MMD-PF.
He says it was shocking that the same people who were insulting the late Sata as a mad man were today enjoying the sweat of a man the insulted and taunted.
In an emotional recording below, Judge Ngoma is appealing to the spirits of the late Sata to show the Zambian people “a signal how they can ride themselves out of the mess they find themselves under the leadership of Presidnet Lungu.”

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    When I hear some people say this one has failed to get onto the pitch so many times so he should be substituted, and on the other, the one on the pitch has failed to score despite being supplied the ball right at the yawning goal post, it really depresses me. What kind of thinking is this?
    It just tells you that one just wants to be seen to be their and at the end get the benefits of being part of the unproductive team rather than get the team to the top of the table. Such a team is usually relegated to a lower division, which in the case of politics will be properly termed as the opposition.
    It is not producing results! Teams poverty, economic depression, social insecurity, poorgovernance, corruption have defeated the participating team with poor strikers. Not what we are hearing about substituting a player who is still warming up. That is failing to understand what this game is all about, that is to be at the top of the table if you want to continue to be in the premium league. Am just thinking aloud.

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    MUNYENGE 3 weeks ago

    Judge Ngoma, Guy Scott, Edward Ngoma, Chishimba Kambwili, Harry Kalaba,Winter Kabimba and all other PF members know where the PF secretariat is and the doors are open for them. Problem arises when they start supporting the opposition and start criticizing their own party then they will be treated as enemies of the PF. Otherwise, the party is willing to embrace them if they come forward. Lungu wabonse. Look at GBM he was vice president of UPND and would insult the PF but where is he today? The PF has welcomed him and embraced him, this is the love that Edgar Lungu has for all Zambians, he has a loving and forgiving heart and does not hold grudges against anyone. He has a heart of a loving parent who does not segregate. Another good example is Miles Sample, he has been welcomed and embraced. The PF is a party for all Zambians nowonder people like Bowman Lusaka, Antonio Mwanza, Dora Siliya and others have been welcome.Politics is all about numbers and there are no permanent enemies in politics. You are all welcome to the PF and those who are dedicated definitely they will be identified and given roles to perform in the party and government of the benefit of the people of Zambia.

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    samlindo 3 weeks ago

    The issue that you have raised over Guy Scott really pains me, I know how Guy Scott suffered for this political party to be where it is today, now to see him abandoned the way he has been abandoned today after creating the way for all those in PF today really makes me sad, not only sad but annoyed as well, some people should go for an operation and remove the stone in them and replace it with a heart, Sure how can people like Dora, Bowman, etc become owners of PF today and throw the landlord out through the window with the blessing of ECL himself who proclaims Christianity, may Jehova God judge on this issue, AMEN.

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    Don Tomasino 3 weeks ago

    My brother, it’s called Political Prostitution. And I am not sure that there’s a way of explaining it as you cannot also explain the traditional prostitution of the night ladies. But one problem is for sure – both lack a form of principle and conscience.
    Your story is a sad one and it leave me with bitter ambivalence, but take heed, these PF buffoons will have their day some day.

    I leave you with this parting message: Zambia does not belong to one person more than another – and the well to do in Zambia, including Government, needs to ensure that the provide opportunities to uplift those less fortunate – that is Ubuntu!
    God Bless Zambia – this land has numerous potential still.

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    Musonda 3 weeks ago

    Sata was dull and useless get that to your dull head.” spirits of the late Sata”,which spirit?He never had the acumen and the intelligence to manager run this country.Thats where the problem started from…nibayama syndrome and look where we are now.Sata was a wrong person to be the president of Zambia…I wont even mention about chagwa…pf kuya bane unless you rig the elections

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    Chisha Banda 3 weeks ago

    One of the causes for this situation id because Zambian politicians are after their tummys and not the welfare of citizens.

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