Sata’s dictatorship has brought injustice – Fr Bwalya

Sata’s dictatorship has brought injustice – Fr Bwalya

BwalyaAlliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) president Frank Bwalya has said Police Officers in Zambia are failing to carry out their duties professionally because they operating under the armpits of the Patriotic Front(PF) government which is led by Dictator Michael Sata.

Fr Bwalya said police officers were not carrying out their duties professionally because they were always getting instructions from Dictator Michael Sata who was telling them what to do with opposition political party leaders.

Fr Bwalya said during a Face-to Face Radio Programme at Yar FM radio station in Kitwe that the dictatorial tendencies of Mr Sata had brought about injustices in the country that could lead to an uprising like the one which was  experienced in Egypt.

“There is no justice and democracy in this country because Mr Sata is a dictator. Police officers are not carrying out their duties professionally because they are getting instructions from Mr Sata who is telling them how to deal with the opposition leaders.

“If he says don’t give them a permit, then the opposition will not be given a permit. There is a lot of injustices in this country and i can tell you that, it is this kind of injustices that led to the uprising in Egypt, the uprising in France during the French revolution,” Fr Bwalya said.

Fr Bwalya said if there was justice and rule of law in the country, those PF thugs who poured Shake-shake on him last month when he was about to start talking on Flava FM Radio, they would have been arrested, but no on one had been arrested.

“If it was me who had just scratched one of those PF cadres who attacked me, i would have been in trouble, but because it is a PF cadre, he has gone scot-free. This is the injustice we are talking about. I can tell you that the PF is the most ruthless government,” He said.

He also said the PF government had shown huge proportions of failure for accountability and transparency in its governance system, an indication that it had no plan for national development, but its only plan was to remove the MMD from government.

“Look at the blunders, they are making, you can tell that they had no plan for national development. It is just try and error government,” He said.

He also said it was wrong for President Sata to lock up himself at State House when the people who voted for him wanted to see him and talk him about various issues affecting him.

He said it was sad that, instead of coming out to talk to the Zambians about the various problems the country was facing and how his government was planning to solve them, he was sending young men to read the statement to Zambians and say this is the statement from President Sata.

“This country has many problems and the president should come out and tell the people which way forward, but he is sending young men to issue the statement while the President himself has locked himself in the bedroom.

“We want to be seeing him. What is the problem with seeing our republican President,” He said

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