Sata’s firing of top soldiers for no reason risky

Dear Editor,
Withhold my identity. I am appalled at what our new government has been doing to our defence forces. If not checked it will explode and the Congo crisis will be nothing. Since PF government came into power it has taken to retiring Senior officers using the term “NATIONAL INTEREST”.
There are no grounds laid for retiring these officers. So far we have two energetic, intelligent Generals out in the streets and still young retired by this un-security conscious government one from Army and Air force  three Colonels, one from Air force and two Army , a Lt Col is on his way out this week and many more juniors and soldiers. This poses a security risk to our peace loving country if not checked.
The energetic, intelligent and highly trained officers and men you are throwing out in the streets are capable of creating chaos and havoc , thereby making your rule ungovernable.
PF you are creating a parallel Defence Force outside and its a ticking time bomb. There are procedures to be followed for an erring officer, THE DEFENCE ACT, Cap 106 of the Laws of Zambia. Dont say you were not warned.
Those small boys you have in the name of Service Chiefs will not stand to fight, check their operation experience. They will run faster than Shikapwasha did. Watch us.
Disappointed Top Soldier

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