Sata’s funeral was hijacked by Bembas-Kaingu

Mwandi Member of Parliament Michael Kaingu has charged that President Sata’s funeral was hijacked by Bembas.
Kaingu told parliament Wednesday afternoon that there was no unity in the funeral proceedings because almost all the songs were in Bemba.
Kaingu wondered if other tribes in Zambia did not know how to sing.
And Kaingu has said that there was urgent need to look at the constitution which he said was on an operating table.
He said it was embarrassing that people did not know who should take over after president Sata’s death due to a bad constitution.
Kaingu further said the Patriotic Front leadership was creating an impression that President Sata had gone with his legacy and wondered why they want to continue in government if Sata had gone with his legacy.
And Kalomo Member of Parliament Request Muntanga has wondered why Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe decided to issue a bad comment about late President Frederick Chiluba during the requiem mass at heroes’ stadium on Tuesday.
Muntanga said the comment was offensive to Chiluba’s relatives.
When President Mugabe addressed mourners at heroes’ stadium, he said that the people of Zambia and Zimbabwe were one and this was how former President Kenneth Kaunda and Michael Sata felt and charged that Chiluba however did not think that way.
Parliament resumed sitting today Wednesday 12th November and is debating the motion on the legacy of President Sata.

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