Sata’s hair phobia returns

President Michael Sata’s bizarre obsession with bald heads surfaced as he paid tribute to former South African President Nelson Mandela.

The Head of State caught the journalists and a coterie of his ministers and assistants that were tailing him off guard when midway through a seemingly coordinated statement burst into a hair moment taking a dig at an official sporting a bald head.

“Without Mandela there can be no South Africa. It’s like Zambia. Without Kaunda there can be no Zambia, without Grey Zulu there can be no Zambia…You must follow Mandela you young ones,” he said before losing his coordinates.

“Look at that one there. He has no hair. How do you expect Mandela’s women selling combs to make money like this? How do you expect my women to make money?”

President Sata has a recurring phobia for bald heads that leaves the public puzzled each time he freaks out at the sight of bald heads.

Zambia Reports

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