Sata’s hands are dripping with blood due to corruption and greedy

By a Correspondent

President Michael Sata and former UPND Livingstone MP Reverend Howard Sekwila’s hands are dripping with blood due to their unbridled corruption and greedy for money.

The deaths that have occurred in Livingstone during the deferred by-elections have been directly caused by dictators Sata’s allergic to effective opposition parties which has resulted into his continued corruption of opposition MPs, thereby causing costly bye-elections.

Sata’s political corruption, coupled with his well-known nepotism, if not stopped, have potential to plunge the country into civil strife. Sata’s dictatorial and deceptive conduct is well documented from his UNIP, MMD and now PF days where several lives have been sacrificed for his political mileage.

Currently, in an effort to eliminate the opposition, especially the UPND, Sata has set all the state machinery- the state media and pro-PF Post Newspaper, the Police, PF cadres inducted in the Zambia state security intelligence, State Prosecutors, etc-on the opposition UPND and MMD.

There is strong evidence emerging from PF and police sources that former PF Monze District official Harrison Chanda was actually murdered by some PF members who were annoyed that he was given campaign money for the Livingstone bye-election yet his jurisdiction was more than 300kms away, just because he was a Chanda, Sata’s tribesman.

The PF camp then quickly attributed his death to UPND but so far, apart from charging Mazabuka UPND, MP Garry Nkombo with murder, the PF and Police have been biting their tongues when giving an account of how Chanda was killed.

The truth will soon be known as is always the case wherever and whenever there is death of such nature. However, the bottom line is that as long as Sata’s political corruption is not stopped, bye-elections will continue and tension will always be there, unless the opposition and the Zambia people at large give way to dictatorship and allow the demise of multi-party democracy.

It is disgraceful of President Sata to have been pretending to denounce political violence at a time he was swearing in another deputy Minister who is a product of his political corruption, former UPND Sinazongwe MP,Richwell Siamune.

What was more disgraceful was for Sata to lie to the nation through his teeth and with a straight face that his record was clear that he was arrested for fighting for human rights and not for stealing, yet the available records is that he was arrested for stealing a government motor vehicle and he had to be rescued by former Zambia State Security Intelligence Officer, Mr. Saviour Chungu who informed the court that Sata was given the vehicle because he was helping the system as a spy.

This is the character of a person Zambia has as a President-dictatorial, nepotistic, corrupt, deceitful and ruthless-hence his nick name as King Cobra, he can strike and kill anyone standing on his way even without provocation. Zambia’s democracy, and human rights are in real danger under the leadership of President Sata whose hands are already dripping with blood.



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