Sata’s hatred for North-westerners

Why President Michael Sata hates and despises the people of North-western province so bitterly, we shall never understand.

But Sata’ latest show of disdain for North westerners is very perplexing and raises a lot of basic questions.

This weekend, Sata got on his defective chopper and flew to Mufumbwe where campaigns for a parliamentary bye-election are on the climax.

He only stayed there for a few hours maybe as another demonstration that he loathes North-western province and its contents.

But in those few hours, he was unable to hide his hatred for the people he is supposed to govern.

He told them:  you can vote for MMD if you don’t want development. If you don’t vote for PF (his party) then we shall take the money to the people who want it.

This statement from Sata can not only be attributed to low level of education. It goes to show what Sata really is. There is no way a normal person can let such words come forth from his mouth.

The money Sata is in charge of is not his. It does not belong to his family. If we were dirty-mouthed as Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba, we would have told Sata that ‘te ndalama sha noko….’

So when he pulls out the money from North-western, where is he going to take it, Muchinga?

“If you have your own child and another child comes and you have a very little piece of nshima, are you going to give the other child?’ Sata was heard asking a small group of people in Mufumbwe.

Which small piece of food is Sata talking about? There is enough resources for all Zambians to benefit. So there is  no need to only give Sata’s relatives. Besides, as a person who says he is a Christian, he should know that even if there is little food, you still have to share and not shut the door to your neighbours.

Sata needs to cultivate some love for other Zambians. It does not help an old man in the evening of his life to go about with so much hatred for others.

This is not the first time Sata has shown so much venom toward Zambians along the Angolan Border.

He is on record as having side that Luvales and other people from that area are only good as namazai, toilet cleaners. That was long before he became president.

But even when he was already president, Sata continued to demonstrate his deep-seated hate for his people in the northwest.

When Chiefs form there asked him to include some of their subjects in his cabinet, he responded heavily and accused the chiefs of being tribalists. He told them that he does not balance tribes but brains.

Today, it is the same Sata asking the toilet cleaners to vote for him.  He is complaining that the entire North-western province is controlled by the opposition.

Why does that cause Sata sleepless nights?

Sata cannot and it is immoral and lack of wisdom for him to say that he will withhold development to the people of Mufumbwe if they don’t vote for him.

That is the essence of democracy and in particular voting. People vote for whom they will, and they should do so freely.

Even if the people vote for the most useless candidate, competitors should respect that decision. After all, this has happened before in Zambia at presidential level. Some people voted for the most useless candidate thereby causing all of us tragedy. But that is democracy. It can sometimes give you the most amazing results.

But that doesn’t mean that such myopic voters should be punished by taking away money from them.

What if such people retaliate by saying we also don’t recognise your government?

People of Mufumbwe and entire North-western province pay tax.  Like any other province, they contribute to the national coffers. Now, what if these threatened people react practically by stopping paying tax?

In fact, currently, it can be successfully argued that North-western contributes more to the national coffer than most provinces. So why should someone take away money from the people of North-western province?

When will Sata grow up?

We thought when people grow older and get closer to the end of their lives, they think more about others and less about themselves. We though elderly people spend their last days worrying about the legacy they will leave behind and thereby correcting the blunders of their youth.

There is no need to I intimidate, bully or harangue the people of Mufumbwe in order to vote for that sick boy Steven Masumba.

Development should be distrusted evenly regardless of who the people vote for.

A different government voted on a different pattern will one day be in power. Will that government also withhold money from those who won’t vote for them? Is this Zambia Sata wants to create?

As for the people of Mufumbwe, please don’t listen to Sata. Just go and vote for your preferred candidate. What development did Sata bring to you when Masumba was his deputy minster?

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