Sata’s history is of violence and lies Nevers Mumba

Sata’s history is of violence and lies Nevers Mumba

MMD leader Nevers Mumba says the Godless and violent approach to politics being spearheaded by ailing dictator Michael Sata will not help Zambia.

Condemning the attack of Hakainde Hichilema and Frank Bwalya by state sponsored thugs; Dr Mumba says Sata’s political history is written in violence, antagonism and lies.

And Dr Mumba has maintained that the PF is leading Zambia into an unsustainable debt.

“The recent attack on the UPND and President Hakainde in Ndola by PF cadres and the most recent attack on President Frank Bwalya, President of ABZ defines the nature of Mr Sata’s leadership of violence,’ Dr Mumba said.

He said: ‘The Bible says, “You shall know them by their fruit.” Mr Sata’s political history is that of violence, antagonism and lies. The current spirit of Zambian politics has been heavily influenced and defined by Mr Sata’s type of politics.’

Dr Mumba said it is sad that some Zambians have accepted Sata’ type of leadership  which is “the more crooked and violent you are the more of a politician you are.”

Dr Mumba said, it is common to hear people say ” When Mr Sata was in the opposition, he insulted and intimidated the sitting President, and in order for you to succeed you need to emulate him.”

But Dr Mumba said Zambia shall not be saved by a Godless approach to politics.

He said Zambia needs ‘a new breed of leadership, which espouses morality and integrity in politics. Politics of justice and fair play.

‘Politics which rewards those who play according to the rules and not the lawless cadres sent to injure or kill opponents.’

He said ‘It is for this reason, MMD condemns in the strongest terms, the uncalled for attack by PF cadres on UPND President Mr Hakainde and President Frank Bwalya of ABZ.

‘We further warn the police that if they continue to blindly support the failing regime of PF, they have the capacity to spark unnecessary unrest in the nation.

He said Opposition parties must be allowed to function without any interference. If not, we pledge to defend ourselves.



Dr Mumba assured all Zambians that regardless of the brutality of the PF against political opponents and ordinary Zambians the MMD are determined to fight for THEIR  rights and emancipation from the weakening grip of Mr Michael Sata.

‘As we fight for justice, MMD also wishes to call upon all Zambians to rise up and use assertive means to stop PF from drowning our nation into indescribable debt.

‘In 27 years, UNIP contracted US $7billion, which MMD cleared through prudent economic management.

‘In two years, the PF has contracted an external debt of $4.5billion. By the end of December 2014, the PF will have contracted a minimum of $11billion,’ Dr Mumba said.

He explained that ‘this debt is unsustainable and will cripple our economy for many years to come.

‘We condemn these levels of recklessness and irresponsibility. PF must stop this insatiable appetite to borrow.’

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