Sata’s incoherent speeches vindicates the need for medical tribunal- Changala

Sata’s incoherent speeches vindicates the need for medical tribunal- Changala

ChangalaThe incoherent statements and speech gaps by president Michael Sata vindicates my demands and that of UPND senior member Douglas Siakalima to have a medical board to check the mental status of the president, says political activist Brebner Changala.

Mr. Changala said it was not out of malice for him to have the president’s healthy status and condition checked because the provision is also provided for in our constitution.

Mr. Changala said there is no way the president can keep having the so called slips of the tongue or cracking jokes all the time at the expense on serious national issues.

“Yesterday when swearing-in UPND MP Richwell Siamunene, president Sata said it was Hakainde Hichilema who signed the Choma declaration with KK (Kenneth Kaunda) which is way off the mark because HH was only probably 12 years old by then. In the same speech the president said he urged his supporters from Copperbelt not to travel to Lusaka when he lost elections in 1968, which again is totally off the mark even if it is mere slips of the tongue.

“Can you imagine two seriously incoherent statements in the same speech. It looks to me something is greatly troubling the president for him to continuously lose concentration,” he said.

Mr. Changala said it is not now when the president started these speeches which others want to tell us they are jokes or slips of the tongue.

Not long ago, the same president told former US president George W. Bush that Americans were colonisers which was totally untrue and embarrassing.

Recently in Mpongwe, he again uttered something to the effect that Lamba women are like ifinkubala (caterpillars) and their men are ba kaili (prisoners).

Mr. Changala said people should understand that some of us mean good for the country as it is vital to be sure that our Head of State is indeed in control of everything in the right mind frame.

He said he has consistently insisted that the president is a hostage of a clique that seems to exploit some his weaknesses that majority are not privy to.

“At the rate we are going with governance issues, some us will be vindicated when things get worse because people don’t want to take advice. Mr. Sata currently controls enormous powers going by our weak constitution and it is important we are sure he is stable and sound healthy-wise,” Changala said.

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