Sata’s intellect smaller than that of NCC delegates-Kunda

By Chali Mulenga in Livingstone

‘Sata is a sadist, who shouldn’t advance his agenda in Livingstone”, vice president George Kunda has charged.
The vice president was speaking at the Livingstone international airport when he addressed the cadres that received him, he cautioned the people of Livingstone against giving a chance to the Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata to rule this country.
He said the movement for multi party democracy was the party for the future as Sata had lost direction and was even insulting traditional leaders.
 He told that people to observe the way Sata was bickering instead of focusing on development issues.
Kunda said it was unfortunate that Sata was insulting the members of parliament from the United Party of National Development (UPND) that were at the National Constitution Conference (NCC) accusing them  of being  plunders.
He accused the Patriotic Front (PF) leader of not having the intellect that could match the people that were at the NCC as they were clever than him.
The vice president said it was sad that the PF leader was insulting the UPND MPs as plunders and wondered why their party president Hakahinde Hachilema was not protecting his MPs.
Kunda reminded Sata that all money was budgeted hence not right for Sata to call NCC delegates plunders.
He said “the people that were at the NCC were men and women of integrity, some of whom served the country in different senior capacities”
The vice president said Hachilema had visited the NCC once to check on the decency of the way the business was being conducted at the NCC when voting was taking place.
The vice president bragged his government was doing well and that was the reason why the opposition was not talking about all economic issues as the kwacha was gaining its strength and that the inflation was single digit.
 He assured that the people that his hard working government was now luring investors to invest in the counatry.
He called on the people to give his party and president Banda a vote in 2011.

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