Sata’s intelligence boss demoted, shunted to India

President Edgar Lungu has decided to discard and dump former Zambia Intelligence Director General Martin Mwanambale to Israel as ambassador.
This is actually a very big demotion. The OP director is at the same level with Army, ZAF, ZNS and Police commanders. But an ambassador is below a Permanent secretary and that is why they report to the PS at the ministry of foreign affairs.
As OP boss he was in charge of hundreds of spies across the country and those sandwiched as fist Secretaries (or something attaches) in embassies. But as Ambassador he will just be in charge of six people plus a few non diplomatic staff (local cleaners, drivers) at the embassy.

In his continued process to dismantle and remove Michael Sata’s trusteed officers from key positions, Lungu replaced Mwanambale with Samuel Nkhoma. Lungu has been preaching against nepotism and tribalism while practicing it like it’s a career.

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