Editorial: Sata’s intrusion of citizens privacy will lead him parade people’s under-wears

When the Watchdog recently revealed that President Michael Sata has again abused his powers by ordering banks in Zambia to furnish him details of UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s bank details and properties, many of his worshippers even on this site insulted us as being another lie.

To start with, in a normal country, such intrusion of someone’s bank details and properties is totally illegal unless there are investigations and a court order or warranty that has been issued.

Mr. Sata is really a very lucky person, because he has committed so many illegalities and constitutional breaches without questioning from organisations such as highly compromised not so Transparent Zambia Ltd (TIZ) that are only interested in their bellies from the PF.

Luckily for us, we have always known this man daily praised as ‘Michael this and Michael that’ by his public relations unit at the Post newspaper, as an extremely inconsistent, treacherous and actually evil character one should be careful to associate with, even when you are beds of the same feathers.

For now it is a well known fact that Michael is definitely sick health-wise, but it looks like his illness might slowly affect his brains and thinking capacity, if he had any. And in saying this, there is absolutely no malice or insults intended because this is a fact that can be proved by any medical practitioner even in his first grade training at Chainama College of Health Sciences along Great East Road.

When security officials alerted us that Michael has again ordered banks and other institutions such as PACRA, Ministry of Lands etc., to give him more details of Hakainde’s bank accounts, properties and wealth, we thought it would it would  finally put to rest the long held accusations that Mr. Hichilema stole from public institutions.

And being the dictator that Michael is, all the commanded institutions obliged, perhaps some thinking the president meant well as he probably would want to demonstrate to the rest of the country how self-employment and wealth creation can be achieved without begging for kwasha mukwenu jobs from relatives as people are currently doing at State House which has been turned into a labour office.

But what a shock and embarrassment to these institutions, as Sata used the information to compile the so-called dossier against Mr. Hichilema on how the opposition leader makes his money and wealth.

In Michael’s poor ‘donchi kubeba’ style of government, he was so sure that this time around he has finally managed label a private citizen, Mr. Hichilema, a wealth Zambian whose industrious business acumen in the private sector should NOT be emulated by others.

Yet the same Michael was busy insulting his relatives being sworn-in to work hard and uplift the lives of many poor Zambians. At this stage, one would have thought he would have given Hakainde’s business acumen as an example of a typical Zambian people should emulate so that next time they don’t beg for kwasha mukwenu jobs or contracts to make money and earn a living, especially that some people have lamentably failed to run an airline even with borrowed money, yet there is a Zambian that can really teach them how to run a business profitably.

On the other hand, when Michael made this recent revelation, the nation was expected to be told how Mr. Hichilema stole money and from where, and how Mr. Sata will unleash his militia to cage the so-called thief.

This is especially that, unlike Mr. Sata who will only be probed after removing his immunity, Mr. Hichilema is a mere private citizen who can easily be ordered by Sata’s police as simple as bwela kuno uzakamba kusogolo.

But instead of dictator Sata using the available recourse to the law to prosecute a ‘thieving’ citizen as the commander in chief, he also wants to seek the intervention of the international community such as the Commonwealth to probe him on how he makes wealth.

This country’s standing to the outside world has really been a shame and an embarrassment in the few days Michael has been office, at least going by the outside media coverage currently going on.

It is no wonder, no single credible Head of State has come to see our Michael despite him being a bed-ridden patient, other than fellow dictator Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

At the rate Micheal is going in the invasion and defamation of his citizens through phone tapping, emails, facebook pages and the likes, we will not be surprised to see him parading people’s under-wears and G-strings for whoever he hates and question them where they buy the ones labeled Manchester United or Chelsea.

It looks like Michael’s upbringing makes it impossible for him to imagine and believe that someone can make money, as Hichilema has done, without stealing from public coffers. This now actually explains why he has employed a lot of fellow old characters and people who could not make it on their own and have to re-build their impoverished lives again from stealing public funds.

For Michael, it is just impossible for a Zambian to partner with fellow Zambians and outsiders for financial capital and invest in meaningful businesses that employs masses in Zambia, yet the same patient (Sata) keeps singing about the amount wealth potential endowed in this country that citizens are not taking advantage of.

For Michael, it looks like wealth creation is quick stolen bucks and investing in non-productive social activities such as chain of concubines, womanising, building houses for girl friends, going out for holidays in expensive places and be a champion in many failed marriages to be recognized as someone. And this quick bucks does not matter how you get it even if it means duping Tawainese into giving you US$27,000 cash and leave it at South African International Airport and never bother to claim it if it is legally yours.

We know Michael has been portrayed as poor and humble person by his handlers at the Post newspaper, because he has only been declaring an armoury of guns at each election, though we believe that has been lie. In fact, the Watchdog, will soon reveal all his properties and the reasons he has decided to conceal them in the manner he has done.

But for now, we wonder what is Michael achieving by daily intruding in citizens confidential bank statements and properties? Are Zambians and investors safe anymore to keep money in the banks or perhaps we better burry it like Austin Liato, or in roof-tops like was the case under the Kaunda era?

And by all these revelations, does Sata want Zambians to hate eating beef, buying items at Manda Hill Center, Game Stores, PicknPay, and all the other companies because they are partially owned by his enemy Mr. Hichilema? Does he want to cause closure of all these massive multinational entities that employ thousands of Zambians and cause unprecedented job losses in the country, when he (Sata) has failed to create any jobs he promised other than bloating the public service where he employs relatives from State House?

And wasn’t it the same Michael who even drove his fellow dictator, Robber Mugabe to Chisamba to brag about how beef industry at Zambeef is a model of investments in Zambia, yet it is partially owned by his enemy Hichilema? Why didn’t Sata take Mugabe to his City Advertisers at Farmers House to show him how ‘successful’ Post Swangwapo adverts are run or take him to friends at the Post newspaper to teach him how newspaper is printed?

And what other confidential information is Michael collecting about his citizens that he intends to use against them at an appropriate time for political purpose? Are our confidential medical records in hospitals still safe anymore under this regime that has no regard with due process of the law in revealing private secrets? Won’t people now be demanding to keep their medical and private documents in the houses as they have totally lost confidence in institutions mandated to keep such as secrets?

At the rate we are going in invasion of privacy, Michael will start following us and reveal when we have diarrhea and bilharzia in the toilet.  He probably already does this to his ministers, and for now is merely extending it outside after failing to contain the stench and filthy he has encountered inside.

Anyway for now, all we can say is that Michael is really setting a precedence with these actions as any president will equally do the same to him and his friends in future and they should not cry persecution, like others did under late Levy Mwanawasa who had actually unveiled such confidential information after court orders and warrants.

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