Sata’s Inutu Suba attacks HH

Cabinet Office special duties permanent secretary In’utu Suba says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will shun Independence Day celebrations for his own selfish interests.

Suba is the person who has been rejected in Southern and Central provinces permanent Secretary. She was sent to Luapula but removed after two week just to be given this questionable position which was created for her.
Commenting on Hichilema’s decision to boycott this year’s Independence Day celebrations which most Zambians youths see as useless, on Suba told the PF Post that being a national event, she expected all patriotic Zambians to take part in the celebrations.

“It is really up to him. He is free to attend and he is free to stay away. If you remember this is not the first time that he has stayed away from an event like that,” he said.

Suba said Independence Day celebrations were not only restricted to the ruling party.

“We sent invitations to everybody that matters including the political parties, their members, as well as their presidents. Being in the opposition doesn’t mean that you have to oppose everything that government does. We have national events these are not for a specific political party. These are for all Zambians and all Zambians are expected to participate in such events,” said Suba.
During MMD’s rule, PF leaders also used to stay away from independence celebrations.

Briefing the press on Friday at the party secretariat, Hichilema said he would boycott this year’s Independence Day celebrations because it was a sheer waste of time.

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