Sata’s labour day rumblings attributed to Cycler Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis

Sata’s labour day rumblings attributed to Cycler Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis

dr dave

Dr Dave

President Michael Sata was on heavy medication yesterday when he delivered disjointed rumblings at the occasion to mark Labour Day.

See the verbatim here.

Government sources have revealed that Sata goes through long hours of heavy medical preparations before he is presented to the public for any event. But sometimes, like, yesterday, the side effects of the sedations are too strong for everybody to see.

According to State sources, Sata is on Continuous Cycler Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis (CCPD). He has to be injected with a cleaning solution four times a day.

Doctor Dave from Lusaka’s Care for Business (CFB) is the one who administering the CCPD though the jabs are sometimes given by a nurse. Dr Dave specialises in Internal Medicine & Cardiology.

‘Injecting and draining exercise takes 40 minutes but Mr. Sata can sleep while cleaning solution works through cycler,’ explained a source.

Dr Dave, also has minority interest in the hospital in the Indian town of Ahmedabad where Sata was hospitalised in last yeah.  Dr. Dave had taken Sata to his hospital in India for the surgery and creating cavity for catheter.

‘This is the reason that when Sata feels pressure and knows it is time to drain, he has to rush back so that Dr. Dave and/or the nurse can work on him,’ explained a source.

For most of February and March, President Michael Sata was not seen in public. Sata is often seen in public now and even flies out of Lusaka but he never spends a night away from Lusaka. He makes sure he returns to State House no matter how long the programme he had go for is.

When he arrives at a scene and discovers that he may be required to wait a few minutes, he abandons the event. Two weeks ago, he abandoned the ground breaking ceremony for the Mongu Stadium.

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