Sata’s ‘marksmen’ report themselves to police

Two individuals posing as former Patriotic Front (PF) officials have handed themselves to police alleging that they were hired to kill former PF secretary general Edward Mumbi.

Chiwele Maimisa and Frank Lombe were by 18 hours local time giving statements at Lusaka Central police station.

The duo are claiming that they were ordered by PF leader Michael Sata to kill Mumbi, former PF SG, but now MMD cadre.

And police spokesperson Bonnie Kapeso has confirmed that the police were taking statements from the ‘assassins.

But PF spokesperson Given Lubinda on Tuesday challenged the two to hand themselves over to the police.

PF spokesperson Given Lubinda told the Times of Zambia that:

“How come they are going to newspapers instead of going to the police? I’m sure the police would be very happy to arrest Mr Sata if such allegations were true,” he said.

He urged the two to report the matter to police if they have evidence to show that they were indeed instructed to sort out Mr Mumbi.

“If a person is hired to kill, it means that they are criminals themselves. They will do well to report themselves to the police. It actually means they are known assassins so they must tell us how many other people they have killed. If I want someone to fly a plane I won’t go to a journalist but I will hire a pilot,” he said.

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