Sata’s meeting with Muchinga chiefs was not part of govt programme

Sata’s meeting with Muchinga chiefs was not part of govt programme

Zambianwatchdog investigations from Cabinet Office and other government wings have revealed that the recent visit by Muchinga chiefs was not formally arranged and had no official State House entry and clearance in the protocol book.

The whole arrangement was a careful planned move that had to coincide with the House of Chiefs three-days workshop that saw the election of Chieftainess Nkomesha as leader so as to divert attention.

Apart from Defence Minister Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) other people who organised the meeting include Chanda Kasolo who is the Chairman of the PF financial conduit called Muchinga Development Foundation, and Dr. Katongo Maine.

Sources said the Kola Foundation team which has been plotting to install Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda as possible successor to the ailing Sata have been meeting at GBM’s milling company as well as Platinum Memorial Golf club owned by Home Affairs Permanent Secretary Max Nkole.

Ordinarily, the chiefs meetings are attended by Traditional and Chiefs Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo, but she was conspicuously missing on this one.

Further, there was no further necessity for this closed door meeting since the Muchinga chiefs were the first ones to meet Mr. Sata early this year under the normal programme of fetting chiefs to State House run by the ministry of Traditional and Chiefs Affairs.

Sources and investigations reveal that in the quest to refute the Zambianwatchdog stories about the continued ill-health of the president, State House press office mistakenly released pictures of what was intended to be a clandestine meeting.

The meeting was also hurriedly done before president Sata’s impending trip to China.

The Zambia News and Information Service (Zanis) that always sends media diaries (notices) for all State House and government programmes did also not send one for this this meeting.

When contacted, one of the senior PF associates from the Kabimba camp said they were also not aware of the State House meeting for the successor to Mr. Sata which resolved to completely abandon the Wynter Kabimba presidential bid project.

Yesterday, the Watchdog revealed that the Kola Foundation had summoned their Chiefs to prevail to the president to abandon the Fred Mmembe project of attempting to install Kabimba as successor.

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