Sata’s Minister Greyford Monde mocks and announces death of Mandela, who is still alive in critical condition

Sata’s Minister Greyford Monde mocks and announces death of Mandela, who is still alive in critical condition

In his usual evil and immaturity ways of celebrating things, President Micheal Sata’s minister, Itezhi Tezhi MP Greyford Monde, has apparently announced the demise of former South Africa president and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela even before there is an official announcement from the South African or message from the Zambian government.

Posting on his facebook page a few minutes ago, a social media which he seems to have just learnt on how to use, Monde in an apparent reference to Mandela wrote “A hero indeed. You have fought a gud fight… Rest in Peace” to which many of Monde’s followers started asking him whether Mr. Mandela has indeed died.

Later Monde, who is not even foreign Affairs deputy minister, but as a senior government official, who should ideally follow government protocol again posted “Nelson Madiba Mandela… man of the century. Rest in Peace”. As usual, it is not expected that Sata or indeed the the Speaker of National Assembly, Patrick Matibini will discipline him for such serious diplomatic blunder by a government minister or indeed an elected Member of parliament.

But the truth so far is that Mr. Mandela is indeed in critical condition but has not been pronounced dead and it is not clear where Sata’s minister got the information for him to announce Mandela’s death.

A relative of Nelson Mandela last night confirmed for the first time that he is on life support, and using machines to help him breathe.

The news came as President Jacob Zuma called off a scheduled trip to Mozambique.

“Yes, he is using machines to breathe,” clan member Napilisi Mandela said after visiting Mr Mandela. “It is bad, but what can we do.”

With no further update from President Jacob Zuma’s office about the adored 94-year-old’s state of health, three days after he slipped into a critical condition after almost three weeks in hospital, speculation is rife that his life is close to its end.

Elders from Mr Mandela’s Madiba clan centred around the South African former president’s rural home in the Eastern Cape are understood to have travelled to Pretoria on Wednesday to see the ailing leader for themselves and, according to one quoted by South Africa’s Times newspaper, “discuss what should be done.”

The previous day, Mr Mandela’s daughter Makaziwe flew to Qunu along with several grandchildren to brief them on his condition and discuss plans for his burial.

Below is what Monde has been posting on his facebook pages.

Greyford Monde Monde

Nelson Madiba Mandela… man of the century. Rest in Peace
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