Sata’s minister Rodgers Mwewa books entire Protea Hotel for lavish party

Deputy minister of Agriculture Rodgers Mwewa and his wife Annie Mwewa who is also Permanent Secretary at Cabinet Office last weekend booked the whole  Protea Hotel in Chisamba for a lavish party with his wife.

But the invited guests have questioned where mere civil servants can get such amounts of money to just wine and dine way.

Sources close to the couple and invited guests said they were all accomodated at Chisamba Protea Hotel where they wined and dinned, hudreds of kilometers away from their constituency.

“We are all wondering where the couple got the money for such a lavish party. At least they could have held a modest one in their constituency in Luapula where Mr. Mwawa is an MP.

Mr. Mwewa was recently accused of abusing the constituency development fund in his constituency.

And the Ministry of Agriculture, where Mwewa is one of the many but influential deputy ministers, has been accused of corruptly buying fertilizer from Saudi Arabia and China.

The guests observed that under the current anti corruption law, anybody whose lifestyle is beyond his or her past and present levels of official income is liable to prosecution for corruption.

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