Sata’s name is synonymous to disunity

By Sibongile

The Post Editorial comment of 23 November, 2012 shocked me very much. Fred Membe thinks Zambians suffer from amnesia or prolonged memory shortage. We know that every day, news must be spread but sometimes if you have nothing to say just shut up you beak.

This is the first part of the editorial comment.

Litunga and secession

By The Post

Fri 23 Nov. 2012, 17:40 CAT  

Before, the tactics of those who used to rule over our destiny consisted of dividing us and of setting one humble section of our people against another.
They set one tribe against the other. They set every faction of the people against the other factions. They set sister tribes against each other and they set various sectors of each nation against each other to serve their interests. They weakened the people by their practice of setting one humble sector against others. They divided people into petty political parties that brought no guidance to the nation. They divided the ignorant and misled people into factions supporting unscrupulous and greedy politicians. Thus, they weakened the people; thus they confused the people. We hail from all corners of the country and have joined together for a common progressive purpose.
Credit also goes to Michael for the calm, patient, mature and wise way he has handled this matter. Lessons have been learnt. It is in the character of growth that we should learn from both pleasant and unpleasant experiences. It is the dictate of history to bring to the fore the kind of leaders who seize the moment, who cohere the wishes and aspirations of the masses of our people. More often than not, an epoch creates and nurtures the individuals that are associated with its twists and turns. We cannot remove our respective regions or provinces from each other nor build an impassable wall between them. A husband and a wife may be divorced and go out of the presence and beyond the reach of each other; but the different parts or provinces of our country cannot do this.
And in contemplation of the Constitution of our country, the unity of our Republic is perpetual. It therefore follows that no part or province of our country, upon its own mere motion, can lawfully get out of the Republic of Zambia; that all resolutions of whatever gatherings or whatever signatures are collected for secession are legally void
(End of Quote)

But I want to remind this hypocrite Fred Membe that there has never been a political leader in Zambia who has divided this country more thasn the current president of Zambia, Mr.Michael Sata.

Again there isn’t any Newspaper which has brought and preached more division in this country more than Post Newspaper. These partners have propagated division in all categories.

Let me state categorically in this way. If you remember in 2010 Barotseland confusion when Rupiah Banda was trying to resolve problems amicably in Mongu, the Patriotic Front Cadres were seen together with the Barotseland “soldiers” the LINYUNGANDAMBO organizing for the riots. Mr.Sata broadly said the Linyungandambos, who were spearheading the secession were his friends. Why did Sata resolve to fully support the pro-secessionists if he really believed in Unity? The Post Newspaper always carried stories on how important it was for the MMD government to respect the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.Mr.Sata with the assistance and translation of Mrs. Wina publicly announced that he was going to respect BA 1964.Now let’s look at what it meant to “respect”.Lozis have always wanted to secede and thus they would support anyone who promised them that. They would support anyone who would promise to respect their wishes of detaching themselves from Zambia.Lozis, who historically had their own nation Barotseland, wanted to hear from anyone who could tell them this, “I will respect your wishes of separating from this country and grant you freedom.”

When we recall the person who promised Lozis this respect was Mr. Michael Sata. This man using the post Newpaper went flat out several times in Western Province showing the people how he was going to respect the wishes of these people. What wishes? Division or unity? In short, he promised Lozis to help them secede once in power which is division. Rupiah Banda was demonized for trying to bring Zambians together: for refusing to allow the Lozis to secede: for rejecting divisions and hatred.However, the PostNewpaper and Michael Sata went round to organize the Lozi youths to start a riot.Yes, the riot was perfectly organized by Sata’s PF cadres who were seen in PF T-shirts while raising PF symbols.PF applied cheap political pandemonium to dupe the Lozis so that they vote for him.

Today, this deceptionist, Fred Membe would want to make us believe that his living puppet, Michael is standing at uniting people? Since when did Sata stand for unity in this country? It is this same Michael who in 2001 was advocating for Bemba rise against the Mwanawasa’s rule. He promoted tribal Bemba politics which has lingered in him even today when you look at the composition of the government.

Worse still what unity is Sata promoting in this Zambia, when our memories are still fresh for not respecting the traditions by illegally firing the Senior Chief Kalindawaro of the Nsenga people? If he can just favour one side during this wrangle without following correct procedure, is he not promoting divisions?

These Post guys are not even ashamed for showing their Michael as an Angel who wants to promote unity in this country. Even Sata himself knows for sure that Fred is cheating for explaining that he (Sata) stands for unity. What Unity is this man promoting if his appointments are only concentrated on his tribe, province and family?

Fred Membe must realize that Zambia is no longer a nation full of dullness as he has always known. You are not the only intelligent person in this nation, that you move around cheating people on Sata’s uniting rule. Sata doesn’t believe in Unity and he has never stood for unity and he will never unite this country. This man lacks unity even in his own mind and memory. Sata will talk about this today and tomorrow he argues against his own previous utterances. NO unity between what he laments today and tomorrow. So what unity does Fred’s Michael know?

Fred must not be there to redefine the word unity so that it suits his puppet,Sata.We know and understand what unity is and what it stands for and who in this country knows how to unite Zambians and this one is far from being the current Zambian President, Michael Sata.

Even the Father of the nation, Kenneth Kaunda failed to bring the meaningful unity in this country because all those who were in opposition were either killed or forced to become quiet. In fact the ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION slogan was applied to silence all the opposition political parties so that Zambians could believe that he was uniting Zambian. Complete slogan was one Zambia. One Nation, Dr.Kaunda Wamuyaya Wamuyaya ndi wachitukoko. So it was meant to destroy democracy.

This is exactly what Sata and Membe in their version of unity want to destroy Opposition parties so that we all remain with only one political party, Patriotic Front. For them having only one party, one president and having an opposition which supports their corrupt activities and having the dull citizens who will keep quite when certain people are deceiving and stealing from Development Bank of Zambia, is UNITY.

Sata’s name is synonymous to disunity. Zambians don’t believe in this satanic type of unity…You will be fooled.

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