Police Commissioner and Senanga DC’s husband ordered attack on UPND officials in Mongu

Western Province Police Commissioner, Lombe Kamukoshi, this morning ordered PF cadres led by the husband of Senanga District Commissioner Imbwae Imasiku, to attack the helicopter carrying UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and ADD president Charles Milupi.

Senanga District Commissioner’s husband Imbwae Imasiku in the process hit UPND Provincial Trustee with a plank leaving him unconscious and possibly dead.

Trouble started when PF cadres led by the Police Commissioner Kamukoshi and Imasiku blocked the UPND entourage from going to their chopper at Mongu airport because Acting President Guy Scott would land on an hours time.

“As UPND, we were told to be at the airport by 09:00 hours because Guy Scott would be landing at Mongu Airport at 10:00 hours which we obliged. Upon arriving at Mongu Airport at 09:00 hours, Kamukoshi and Imasiku ordered that we could not proceed because Scott would be arriving at 10:00 hours. Later they advised us that we use another route and entrance to the airport which we obliged together with our two presidents Hakainde and Milupi. But to our surprise, PF thugs followed us and Imasiku from nowhere got a plank and hit our provincial Trustee on the forehead who fell immediately and possibly feared dead. The police know Mr. Imasiku who hit our man but instead of arresting him, they have whisked him away,” said the UPND team.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and ADD president Charles Milupi had a tough time restraining their cadres and officials from retaliation. The UPND officials wanted to also block Guy Scott from hold the meeting in Mongu but the two opposition leaders intervened.



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