Sata’s obsession with insulting women

The problem with Sata is that he thinks he is a god of some sort. He thinks he knows it all and he cannot fail. This is the reason he cannot come to terms with the fact that, he is Zambia’s most incompetent President.

His incompetency transcends the entire Government because all his appointments are based on his level of thinking. Even his choice of MPs in his party, the supply line for Ministers, is nothing but garbage.

The man went to Katuba to go and campaign. Instead of talking about Moses Chilando, their candidate, he starts talking about HH. So what if HH doesn’t know his father.

Ladies and gentlemen, is that how low one can sink? Yes we knew Sata is low but we did not think he was low to that level! Seriously, we thought common sense would prevail in his presidency but looks like something is terribly wrong with Sata.

He goes into Katuba to talk abour HH’s father. This man starts off from State House, no script, no piece of paper about the issues in Katuba and touches the ground with a message for the people.

That message; “HH should tell us who his father is”. Let us take a moment and reflect on this shallow and unfortunate statement. What does this mean? First who’s responsibility is it to know the father of a child? Isn’t it the mother to the child? So what Sata is saying is that HH’s mum, does not know who the father to HH is? Isn’t this an insult to the womenfolk who have had to single-handedly raise children after men like Sata left them? This is Sata, a man who thinks he can stand on a public podium, sponsored by public money, using public resources and attack the entire battalion of single mothers, stopping short of calling them prostitutes who do not know the fathers to their children!

This is a President they have entrusted with the responsibility of presiding over their affairs and what does he do? Insult them? Let us assume HH does not know his father and that, does that make him less of a Zambian? Does that matter to Katuba farmers who have no access to Urea fertilizer, does it matter to Katuba pregnant women who have no antenatal, women who walk kilometers to get water, does it really matter that Hakainde has no father?

There are issues that the people of Katuba wanted answers to, this is a President that has never held a Press Conference to inform his people. If Sata has a problem with fatherless children, let us draw a few parallels.

One, his Friend Robert Mugabe, his father abandoned him, but he is ruler of Zimbabwe. Barak Obama’s story is well documented, George Challah can read Dreams of my father for Sata, this book is available in audio format so he (Sata) can get an Ipod, since he just sleeps, and listen to this book as he relaxes in his bed. Bill Clinton was born William Blythe Jr, the Clinton name is from his step-father. President Zuma was raised by the mother who was a domestic worker, this is partly the reason President Zuma had no formal education. Sata is sliding on very thin ice, and he is not wearing a helmet.
Sata has brought the name of the country in disrepute, whereas others receive standing ovations when they speak, he received ridicule, and his ridicule transends right into the fabric of Zambians both local and abroad.

Sata has a huge task on his hands of turning round the dwindling fortunes of this country, USD to Kwacha was 1 to 4.5, its not 1 to 5.7 meaning a car that was 4,500 kwacha two year ago is not 5,700, an increase of 1,200 in two years.

The economist intelligence unit (EIU) report states that by the time we hit 2016, the kwacha will be trading at over 6 kwacha to a dollar and since we are an import based economy, see what will happen to the prices of food and fuel. But Sata would rather start asking who the father to HH is?

Concerned Citizen

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