Sata’s orders to arrest students saddens YALI

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is deeply saddened by instruction of the President Sata to the police to have demonstrating young people arrested for conducting peaceful demonstration over the failure by the PF to clearly provide leadership to challenges the poor majority face as a result of the his governments failure to protect them from hardships that will result from removal of subsidies on fuel and staple food such as mealie meal and maize.

The people have spoken against the stupid by-elections being induced by the ruling PF and his uncoordinated style of leadership. The arrest of some students from UNZA is an act of cowardice and shows President Sata is not able to listen to the masses, esp the Youth, that sent him to State House. The instruction to the police to arrest peaceful young persons demonstrating against his poor policies is dictatorship of the worst kind and ought to be roundly condemned by all well meaning Zambians. YALI is not intimidated and will not be swayed from speaking on behalf of our fellow young people and we have since instructed lawyers to ensure arrested young leaders get justice. Government’s unbecoming behavior of trying to intimidate and getting everyone to submit to tyrannical rule will not work and we would like to ask to stop President Sata from living in his own separate world that can be compared to an era where KK turned the police into his Gestapo to stop citizens from exercising their fundamental political rights. YALI demands the immediate release of innocent young people whose arrest is unlawful. Since when did demonstrating peacefully become a crime? Which law is he applying for arresting young people who are demonstrating as this is a fundamental aspect of any democracy?

YALI would like to remind the president that we are not under any state of emergency and the people of this country have a right to expression guaranteed under the constitution which he swore to uphold. Why is the president so afraid to meet and talk to his people who are merely seeking answers to the so many pressing national matters?



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