Sata’s pardoned prisoners raid home of Prisons Commissioner Percy Chato

Armed bandits last night raided commissioner of prisons Percy Chato’s residence in Luangwa township in Kabwe with the aim of killing him for taking some bribes to allow the parole board to release some of their friends during the Africa freedom day but Chato did not fulfill the mandate.

Two gunmen raided Chato’s residence at about 21;00hrs, one of his guards on duty fired three shots to scare them and called for police reinforcement who only appeared an hour later and found the bandits had fled the scene. Chato’s residence is less than two kilometers from two kilometers from two police stations in Kabwe, Kasanda and Kabwe central police stations.

Police sources from central division headquarters have told the Zambian Watchdog that the primary investigations on the finger prints reveal that the bandits were part of the 365 convicts that ailing dictator Michael Sata recently pardoned but the police want to treat this as a top secret. He said Chato is suspected to have received some bribes to recommend the pardoning of the criminals but he did not fulfill because some of the criminals who were jointly charged with these were left inside prison.

The source further said that the police have just launched a secret manhunt for the released criminals with the aim of killing them instantly.

“Because of the sensitivity attached to the released prisoners who have usually been causing havoc, we are handling it secretly but we shall hunt for them until we gun them down, the next time you hear of police gunning down dangerous criminals, they are the ones because we know where to get them,” said the source who is a senior police officer in Kabwe.

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