Sata’s personal thug Ngoma fires guns shots at MMD rally

MMD leader Nevers Mumba has demanded that well known PF cadre Judge Ngoma be immediately arrested after he allegedly fired live shots during a rally held by the opposition MMD.

Dr Mumba said in an interview from Chipata that Judge Ngoma arrived at Mchini in Chipata and started firing live bullets in the air in full view of police officers.

He said Ngoma then proceeded to abduct one of the MMD councilors and later dumped him after severely beating him up.

Dr Mumba said Judge Ngoma should be arrested in the interest of justice.

“I’m here in the Police Commissioner’s office and we are demanding that this Judge Ngoma be arrested immediately. There is no way this lawlessness can be tolerated in this country,” Dr Mumba said.

He has since challenged President Michael Sata to allow the police officers in Chipata to arrest Ngoma who is now believed to be in President Sata’s inner circle.

The MMD top leadership was holding a rally to drum up support for their candidate Mtolo Phiri for Thursday’s parliamentary by- election

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