Sata’s reaction to death of Mandela embarrassing

Dear Mr Editor:

I like many Zambians have been extremely embarrassed by the behaviour of our president following the death of Nelson Mandela. The following are his antics that are worth noting:
1. He has not been to the South African High Commission yet to sign the Book of Condolences for Nelson Mandela. Maybe he is waiting for Fred M’membe to tell him what to write. Or maybe he is afraid that his nursery school handwriting will be photographed and published on the ZWD as happened during the funeral of Cardinal Mazombwe.
2. The hand written speech he gave from behind the walls of State House was quite frankly a disgrace. It was badly delivered, he wasn’t looking into the camera to show sincerity and quite frankly gave the impression that he would rather be somewhere else. Maybe he was thinking about the upcoming by-election in Katuba and what vitriol he was going to direct at the striking nurses. All he seems to be good at is campaigning and insulting people after all.
3. A period on National Mourning has been declared for Patrick Chikusu (a Deputy Minister) but none for Mandela, one of Africa’s greatest statesmen. Granted he died before Mandela. But, can’t the two happen side by side. Couldn’t he have said something like flags will be flown at half mast on Saturday for Patrick Chikusu  and for one full week from Sunday 8 December (today) to Sunday 15 December.
Even the most powerful country in the world – the United States of America – flew flags at half mast in honour of Mandela. So who does our silly little president think he is by not according Mandela this honour?
4. There has been no indication whether or not he will attend Mandela’s memorial service. What is the problem? Does he fear that he will feel inadequate in such high powered company as is likely to attend Mandela’s memorial service?
Even Mugabe (Sata’s apparent hero), who made public his disdain for Mandela on more than one occasion, has shown more dignity in Mandela’s death than our very stupid president.
This is one of the darkest days for Zambia and a source of great embarrassment for me as a citizen. Zambia played an important leadership role in the liberation of Southern Africa and accordingly we should be taking the lead in mourning this great man.

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