Sata’s relatives want him step down, but Mmembe and clique resisting

A wrangle is brewing between President Michael Sata’s relatives and Post Newspapers Chief Executive Officer Fred Mmembe and clique over President Sata’s health.

According to sources close to the Presidency, Sata’s relatives including First Lady Christine Kaseba have advised President Sata to emulate former Pope Bennedict now Pope Emiritus by stepping down.

The sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that the First Lady who is a medical doctor has advised her husband (President Sata) to resign owing to his fast declining health.

The sources say Mrs. Kaseba-Sata has been approaching elders telling them to convince the president to resign but had met serious opposition and resistance from Post Newspapers Editor In-Chief Fred Mmembe who has been advising President Sata to continue for now.

“The First Lady being a medical doctor has advised President Sata to resign in order to prolong his health and she has been meeting Sata’s family elders and influential people but Fred Mmembe and his clique are not for the idea,” the source said.

Sources say the Mmembe clique are insisting that the president continues as they strategize in removing and destroying all possible competition to their preferred successor, Wynter Kabimba before Mr. Sata can resign.

So far UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and former president Rupiah Banda have been particularly targeted by Mmembe and clique for hate messages framed around tribalism for Hakainde and corruption for Mr. Banda.

“The issue of trying to isolate and label Mr. Hichilema as a tribalist is a serious project at the Post newspaper that they want to portray for as long as possible. Of course they are also trying to see if they can cook up any arrest and charges for Mr. Hichilema and completely remove him from competition,” sources said.

The source said President Sata’s health has been declining very fast noting that he may have developed another problem which of kidney failure.

“The President is not okay, apart from his heart and prostrate cancer problem, Doctors suspect he may now have developed a kidney problem as a result of the two previous problems” the source said.

Meanwhile, another source has told the Zambian Watchdog that President Sata has been calling relatives to State House and asking them what he should do for them.

“President Sata has been showing very strange behaviour, he has been calling relatives to State House and asking them what he can do for them, it is like he is saying bye-bye to them,” the source said.

The source said in order to further conceal President Sata’s ill-health, State House with the help of former Director General of Intelligence Saviour Chungu, has installed more high value security gadgets aimed at tapping communication devices within State House grounds.

Recently, the Watchdog revealed that former Zambian dictator Kenneth Kaunda helps out in the president’s office on recommendation from Mmembe. See story here.


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    Ban kin Moon. 5 years

    May the good Lord help to heal His Execellency M.C Sata…

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    Dear lord Jesus l pray that u heal our president.if it’s true he is unwell.l pray for all the people who who are writing bad thinks about our president and opposition leaders.

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    Mulelotafye bane!

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    I can’t believe that none of you is mentioning my President Ellias Chipimo as an alternate should king cobra step down!! An alliance of small parties is the only answer and Chipimo being the youngest should be allowed to lead!! Viva Chipimo.

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    "Silent Majority" 5 years

    This would be the Rise and Fall of the PF once the President departs. As I’ve always said, the PF is Sata and Sata is PF. There is no solid succession plan in the PF Party of which we now see “internal strife”.

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    Kapulango Mubita-Nyambe 5 years

    Kabimba + PF Versus HH + UPND + MMD
    Kabimba 6, HH 1
    Kabimba Versus Nevers Mumba + MMD + NAREP + UPND + RB
    Kabimba 60, Nevers Mumba -ve 4
    Kabimba the Great wins again, and again

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      Advocate 5 years

      remember that not a single Zambian, living or dead ever voted for Kabimba? What makes you think h is great when he has used crooked means to get to the seat he holds now. A situation that puts your nation in a very precarious situation because this man owes no citizen any thing and he owes all to his greedy charecter. Let him lead from such high levels and you are spelling trouble for your country.

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    Please let me know if you

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    cbu 5 years

    let the serpent die and wil be ruled by a normal person not these kaponyas another dark cloud is hiting us again.

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    cbu 5 years

    The dark cloud is about to hit us again,better he risign since he cn`t perform let other people with brain rule this country these kaponya`s are taking us backwards,let him repent of all evils he has done in this country then die.

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    too bad ba Sata sure,,,another funeral

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    JUDGE CHIKOPA 5 years


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    Pity 5 years

    Even if it was true, what would i do? The choice is his and his alone. Remember the freedom fighters? They were prepared to die for mother Zambia. It is called sacrificial service. Now unfortunately but all signs are there, HaHi cannot do for Zambia! Remove the scales from your eyes and wool from your ears and hard heartedness.

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    chipo 5 years

    Its a shame that Zambia is the only nation were a presidents health is a secret,how do we even pray for him if everything is a secret,shame on you PF govt.

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    Ba rational 5 years

    propaganda will never help

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    Bye 5 years

    When the tree falls, what happens to a person on the branch of the same tree? I pity those who got jobs without being qualified for the job just because there is some connection to the president, they will now understand why people go to school. I am sure by now diarrhea has already started, have mercy my lord.

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    Gweda Mweemba 5 years

    Stupid lies…
    I know that HH will never rule this country unless if he changes,if he emulates the late Mazoka he can win the hearts of Zambians and the Zambian people will vote for him.
    I am not for Sata or his loud speaker membe, I wish him long life to finish his term and even win 2016 if this HH does not change.

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      tonto fever 5 years

      You want HH to change! To what then ? Just hang if you can’t take it or leave Zambia because the moment he he is inaugurated you won’t stand it.

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      Fitiball 5 years

      Sometimes one needs to change in order to see the change he/she wants in others. I think you need to change first and stop taking whatever the PF Post writes as gospel truth. Mmembe is just using intellectually bankrupt Zambians like you to fight his personal battles. Change or continue being his shinda paper which after being used is considered dirty and discarded with scorn.

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    Priscilla lunda 5 years

    Yabaaaa, there is no smoke without fire…..learn to accept things and move on….we hv young Zambians who can take up the challenge of becoming president for this country, why should we wait for the worst to happen? We dnt want to go thru what we went thru nt long go although Levy ws ecceptional…..kufileka nga fyashupa….

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      Kapoli 5 years

      You voted for the worst

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    Sosa bomfwe 5 years

    Christine Sata advise you husband to do the right thing. We are relying on you. Advise him to:
    1.Demote Kabimba to position of village watchman in Nabwalya , Muchinga Province,
    2.Prof Chirwa as Vice President.
    3. Replace Matibini with any Lozi credible speaker. It seems Lozis perform better for this.
    4.Remove Mutembo and replace her with Ireen Mambilima
    5. For Ireen to accept the job, bring in all well meaning UNPDN and MMD heros
    6. Take all remaining PF officials to the musium as exhbit of people that brought mismanagemet of country.
    7 That way will be end of PF and we will remember Sata for taking a brave step.

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    Pandora's BOX 5 years

    Geet well soonest Mr President.your pipo are wondering in the wilderness

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    muko 5 years

    This is sad indeed if what we are reading is true.

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    delta576 5 years

    So sad indeed. He has fought a battle. Its now up to us especially the youth to take up the responsibility. We have brilliant guys like Cornelius Mweetwa, Muhabi Lungu, Mike Mulongoti, Charles Milupi, HH and so on. The picture is like this. The Post of Mmembe would soon start looking for someone to work with amongst these guys i have mentioned but we all know by now, they actually don’t mean well.

    One of the solutions is to have credible media institutions that would inform the Zambian people facts and also to counter lies peddled by the post.

    The truth is that most of us Zambians have been believing as facts lies by the post since it’s inception. I strongly don’t believe that HH is tribal.

    We can have a President from any part of Zambia. No problem! HH stands a very good chance to become head of state after the old man. We actually need an economics business person this time around to translate our hard work in to tangible fruits.

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    Musonda mulenga 5 years

    line up that would go to brazil and that would have won

    1 Kennedy Mweene
    2 Emmanuel Mbola
    3 Joseph Musonda
    4 Hichan Himonde
    5 Stoppila Suzu
    6 Chisamba Lungu
    7 Jonas Sakuwaha/William Njonvu
    8 Mukuka Mulenga
    9 Isaac Chansa/Fwayo Tembo
    10 King David Mbesuma/Mayuka
    11 Kennedy Mudenda

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      Bantustan By God's Design - EQTB 5 years

      Typical of armed Bembas!

      What relationship is there between “Sata’s relatives want him step down, but Mmembe and clique resisting” to the football line up you are giving?

      Are you mad?

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    THE SHIELD 5 years


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    Bantustan By God's Design - EQTB 5 years

    In an effort to obliterate and annihilate the obvious next president (HH)in an eminent presidential by-election, Fred M’membe has embarked on his fruitless fishing expedition to discredit HH with a tribal tag and if possible incriminate him because of his hard earned wealth.

    The fruitless fishing expedition is also an attempt to scandalously bundle criminal charges using the undeserving criminal DPP Mtembo Nchito so that if it were possible HH is incarcerated before the unavoidable soon coming presidential by-elections.

    God can not be mocked!

    M’membe can now clearly see that his manoeuvrings have been ably unearthed by the investigative journalism skills of the Zambian Watchdog and many patriotic Zambians that are fed up with the ineptness and mediocrity our dear beloved country has been subjected to since PF assumed office under the blind leadership of the now incapacitated Michael Chilufya Sata.

    We are not fools and we deserve the best leadership that will deliver Zambians from the york of dictatorship, malice and pure hate for citizens like HH and RB that undoubtedly give sleepless nights to M’membe, Nchito, Wynter and other brainless clique of PF minions that are too blind to see that a presidential by-election is unavoidable because of the clear vegetative state president Sata is in.

    I feel sorry for the First Lady who has done all she can not only as a good wife but a Medical Doctor to advise president Sata to step down on medical grounds because of his ill health.
    Customarily, our presidents are surrounded by a clique of minions that are Hell bent and want to secure their positions at the expense of Sata’s health and because of these selfish gluttons, Dr. Kaseba-Sata’s advise has fallen on deaf ears.

    Let us remember what happened to the late HE Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (MHSRIP)when he had his first attack of Strock and Maureen Mwanawasa and senior government officials at state house were advised to let Levy retire on medical grounds by doctors in the UK.

    Maureen and others that surrounded Levy ignored the doctors’ advise because of wanting to cling on to power and fame but unfortunately that was very detrimental Levy. Selfishness by people that surrounded Levy sent him to an early grave.

    Sad indeed!

    Presidential office is very strenuous and thinking that it can be run by remote control from Bwinjinfumu road and state lodge, is an insult to 14 million Zambians that seek good governance and development from those entrusted with the authority to lead this country.

    Presidential office “TEKUBUBA” (its not child play). It is serious business that requires an alert and sound minded person to run that office.
    The leader you have in state house dictates the destiny of 14 million Zambians hence the need to have someone who is professionally, medically, mentally and physically stable and adept to handle national issues with seriousness of mind.

    Zambia will soon be liberated and move forward in development because a presidential by-election is eminent and unavoidable.

    Good things are soon coming and please let us not be duped again in an eminent presidential by-election to vote for an inept and incompetent government like we did in 2011 when PF was voted in.

    God will liberate Zambia and M’membe and his clique of minions shall be brought to shame.

    Thank you Watchdog for the update on the deteriorating health condition of our president.

    HH and others must prepare to take charge when the unavoidable happens.

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    Ba first Lady twamupapata, insist with Sata’ elders to convince him to step down so that you save his life. Mama, there is nothing good and better than having and living with your spouse even if he is sick than die for Fred Mmembe. You need him alive.Accept that there is too much workload {pressure) in his office which will detoriate his health condition.You are a medical doctor and understand his condition.

    Love for power when you are sick is not good.Think for the family de children need their father alive. Don’t be misled by selfish ministers.If Sata dies, these pipo will not lose any thing.
    Remember that is your husband.

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    mwale ignatius 5 years

    thats good

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    SFZ 5 years

    I pray for him to live long

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    Mbolo ya kabimba 5 years

    Let him die so that they believe

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    THE PRINCE 5 years

    Who is Mmembe, what is his gain for the President to continue?? If the President is Sick, PLEASE LET HIM STEP DOWN THERE IS NOTHING WRONG. SATA APOINT MIYANDA AS YOUR VP SO THAT HE CAN CHANGE THE COUNTRY.

    • comment-avatar
      yoyamba 5 years

      miyanda for now can help us pass throw this ordeal

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    Shimapuli 5 years

    This story is absolute nonsense.

    • comment-avatar
      Bantustan By God's Design - EQTB 5 years

      In your mind.

      It is as true as the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

      The earlier you believe the better because you may end up with a heart attack when the unavoidable happens.

      Kusumina fye and swallow the bitter pill!

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    if its true,I wish our president good health!.Amen!

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    Time Zone 5 years

    …..Ati nokonkalola nkaya nalyo we shamo talishala!

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    Fitiball 5 years

    Only SOME gullible Zambians who take whatever they read in the PF Post as gospel truth will not understand that the barrage of attacks on HH is a project by the Atheist Mmembe and clique to ensure that in case of the Presidential office becoming vacant HH should not be President because they would be forced to swallow their viral words on him. And for sure they would have to pay the K14 billion debt to DBZ.