Sata’s retiring of three senior cops was unlawful, unreasonable – High Court

Ailing dictator Michael Sata’s insatiable appetite to abuse his executive powers faced a legal challenge last week when the Lusaka High Court quashed his decision to retire three senior police officers in national interest.

Assistant commissioner Christopher Kanema, senior superintendents Mwewa Musonda and Winfreed Chimuka were retired by Sata but the senior cops challenged the dictator’s decision in court, they asked for an order to quash the decision and prayed for a stay of the President’s decision.

The Post newspaper reports that Lusaka High court judge Anessie Banda-Bobo said in her judgment that on the basis of the evidence before her, there was procedural impropriety, illegality and unreasonableness in the Wednesbury sense in the manner the decision to retire the three cops was made.

“I hereby quash the decision of His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia to retire the applicants in national interest or at all, further the applicants have succeeded in all the reliefs sought, the President acted in excess of authority, ” said Judge Bobo.

Judge Bobo noted that the applicants were hired by the Police and Prisons Commission and that it was unacceptable that while the hiring was done by one entity, the firing should be done by another different entity.

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