Sata’s Sangoma tells him to keep brown goats inside State House for his health

Ailing dictator Michael Sata’s traditional voodoo man has now told him to keep a brown goat around State House for his health and safety.

Highly placed State House sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that the brown goat is currently roaming and freely grazing within State House grounds.

“The goat is here and anyone can see it. It even has a kid and grazes and State House lawns. Everybody is surprised at the new turn of events now. But the old man (Sata) claims it was given to him by some well-wishers yet we all know it is for traditional medicine purposes,” sources disclosed.

In April this year, Mr. Sata was quoted by the various media houses including the Post newspaper blasting State House staff over brown grass inside State House grounds that were not being watered.

But it has now emerged that he actually wants to keep goats inside State House, some of which have to be brown in colour.

A company was hastily engaged without following any tender procedures to water State House grounds and currently there are heavy sprinklers around State House that are watering the grass so that goats can be kept and feed inside State House.

This is despite a number of compounds and rural parts of in Zambia not having drinking water, contrary to Sata’s 90 days promise to provide the commodity.

At the time, the Post newspaper, in their edition of Wed 03 April. 2013

reported as follows:

PRESIDENT Michael Sata yesterday got angry at the sight of a lawn turning brown at State House and warned that he would start pruning people who were not working.

President Sata, who had just walked into the auditorium at State House, looked through the window and noticed the brown grass before asking what was happening with the lawn.

At this point, none of the State House staff answered him, prompting the President to single out deputy secretary to the Cabinet Lesa Kasanda.

“Why is my grass brown, Mr Kasanda? Why is the grass brown yet there is a lot of water? There’s plenty of water here at State House. Very soon I will start pruning

people,” said President Sata to Kasanda.

Kasanda, in a submissive posture and constantly bowing, moved closer to where the President stood.

President Sata raised his complaint before the event to swear in Daniel Munkombwe and Obius Chisala as provincial ministers for Southern and Northern provinces respectively.

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