Sata’s state house PS Kaizer Zulu belongs to the Parallel intelligence

Sources close to state house have told the Zambian Watchdog that the newly apointed state house permanent secretary Kaizer Zulu has been positioned to advance the interests of the illegal intelligence wing, but the move is likely to make state house administration difficult.

President Sata has created the new position specifically to allow the parallel intelligence wing managed by convicted former Intelligenece director general Xavier Chungu and is composed of PF thugs placed on government payroll.

“There is no staff establishment of PS state house in the officials that manage the presidency, but because the head of state does not trust us, he has decided to bring in party functionaries with whom he is more confortable, but this will make administration difficult because we don’t even know what roles the PS shall play,” said the source who also added that it is the first time in the history of Zambia such a position has been created.

When asked about the curriculum vitae (CV) of Zulu, she said only the appointing authority (Sata) has those details. Sata’s reign has been made of a bloated cabinet and haphazard creation of positions in the civil service which have all been a drain on the national treasury.

Last week, Information minister Kennedy Sakeni told the media that government was in the position to place security people in all government ministries to safeguard documents and the appointment of Zulu is aimed at blocking the leakage of information to the general public and particularly critic media houses.

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