Sata’s temporal govt must not interfere in Bemba succession process- Nevers Mumba



From:  Dallas, Texas 14th May 2013,
Being in Government or being President does not make one “Lord of All.”

We are disheartened at the constant interference of the PF government in the running of royal establishments in the country. The PF must lay its hands off the Bemba royal establishment. The Bemba’s have handled their succession programs for over 400 years without interference from a temporal government, which comes today and can be voted out tomorrow.

The President must stay away and allow the shilubembas themselves to make their own decisions. We condemn the demotion of senior chief Nkula and the recent denunciation of chief MWAMBA by the President.
We applaud the bravery of the Lubemba chiefs for taking a stand against the manipulation of the PF government.

MMD wishes to advise government to respect and work with all royal establishments according to their long held traditions. We encourage the Bemba royal establishment to remain strong and not sell their birthright for government allowances.
We support the decision by the Bemba chiefs to keep chief MWAMBA as chief since he was chosen by the royal establishment. We also condemn the demotion of Senior chief Nkula and demand for his re instatement.

Dr Nevers MUMBA
President, MMD



Released by Muhabi Lungu. Communications Director in the President’s Office

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