Sata’s tribalism haunts PF campaigners in Mufumbwe

The Ruling Patriotic Front is struggling to remove the deepening perception by most provinces that it is for Bembas only.

The PF campaigns in the November 8; parliamentary bye-election in Mufumbwe has been dominated by issues of tribe other than development.

Even the team sent to Mufumbwe to campaign has been carefully selected and does not include anyone from the upper north of the country.

There is Sylvia Masebo a Goba from the Zimbabwean border, Wynter Kabimba, a reject from Mwembeshi as Mike Mulongoti puts it, Jean Kapata one of whose parents is from North-western province and Guy Scott from Europe.

Kabimba, who is also the Secretary Generel of the PF on Monday tried to shift the blame and instead label the people of North-western as tribalists.

At a meeting he jointly addressed with Scott and Masebo, Kabimba told the people in Mufumbwe to stop practicing politics on tribal lines because, according to him, President Michael Sata does not encourage tribalism.

But the people of North-western have never voted on tribal lines. They have been voting for MMD and UPND which are led by people from other provinces.

A few months ago, Sata told off chiefs from North Western province when they requested him to include their people in his cabinet and other public jobs. He told them to stop being tribalistic as he does not balance tribes but brains.

And Sylvia Masebo echoed Kabimba’s comments by  saying Sata was not surrounded by Bembas.

“So don’t follow tribe but a human being tribes men can make you fail be like Mr Sata who is working for everybody, he has promised give youths jobs he did not say Bemba youths so help him to bring Masumba to Parliament,” Masebo said.

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