Sata’s UPND minister resigns, says sorry to the party

Fearing losing elections, and with a number of political heavy weights already campaigning in the area, ailing dictator president Michael Sata’s minister who is also UPND Kalabo central MP, Chinga Miyutu has resigned from his ministerial position and has apologized to his political party unreservedly.

Mr. Miyutu is among those that betrayed their parties and abandoned all manner of opposition principles for the sake of a government position.

He was currently facing charges of indiscipline in the party, an action that would have led to his expulsion and loss of mid-term gratuity as an MP next year amounting in millions for each MP.

Mr. Miyutu was also allegedly disowned by the entire Barotse traditionalists, including his own family members for his actions and accused him of being a traitor together with Poniso Njeulu of Sinjembela constituency who is still serving as deputy minister for Information and Broadcasting.

The situation was now worsened after the results of the recent by-elections where PF tumbled heavily and there is an emerging in-fighting within government that is now accusing outsiders, such as Richwell Siamunene, Poniso Njeulu, Greyford Monde of being the ones responsible because they don’t understand the PF vision.

So far, the PF did a ‘donchi kubeba’ by not adopting the Mkushi South and Solwezi west MMD MPs who defected and the voters also did former Kafulafuta MMD MP, James Chishiba and donchi kubeba when they dumped him leading to the opposition UPND claim the first seat ever on the Copperbelt.

Mr. Miyutu’s abrupt resignation was kept such a top secret, only known by a few in UPND circles because they did not want him to be fired and embarrassed by Sata.

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