Sata’s wife flees again

Sata’s wife flees again

Dr Kaseba is said to be in New York

Dr Kaseba is said to be in New York

President Michael Sata’s current wife Christine Kaseba has again reportedly run away from State House due to extra marital affairs.

Dr Kaseba is believed to have fled to USA and has been at large for two weeks.

The last time Dr Kaseba was seen in public was when she went to UK to inspect equipment meant for Sata’s mini-hospital within State House but state machinery tried to show that she was in UK to make speeches on entrepreneurship and what have you.

Sources explained that from the time the Watchdog started writing about Sata’s concubines, Kaseba has been fighting with her husband. But Sata has also been hitting back telling her that she also has issues with some men.

But what incensed Dr Kaseba most this time and sparked her estrangement was a photo (below) published by the Watchdog showing Sata with one of his women and their daughter.

Sources close to Kaseba say that even if she already knew about this woman and others, she could not stand the public embarrassment that she is a wife in name only.

“When you published the photo of Sata’s other daughter Stella and her mother, Kaseba flipped on Sata and started to fly around out of anger on tax payer’s money’’ said one source.

Sources complain that ‘although her husband has not been feeling too well since, she has remained in the USA shopping, watching movies and sleeping in expensive hotels with her sisters’

Sata with his other woman and their daughter

Sata with his other woman and their daughter

Said sources, ‘Cabinet Ministers and PF party hierarchy have been incensed by her callous attitude towards the President despite his advanced age and ill health. In addition, the issue of Sata’s other children is a public secret known from his past which does not warrant her current evil treatment of the big man.

‘Besides, she snatched Sata from his first wife but despite being in Statehouse, her own shadows are haunting her to a point of not caring if the old man dies. Old Mugabe always has his wife Grace by his side but as you have noticed, Sata was alone in Belgium, Easter church service and labour day today.

‘She has been gone for three weeks and Sata has not been eating and vomiting as you correctly reported. A genuine wife would have rushed back but seems she is looking forward to his death. Some women can be evil.’

This is the second time Dr Kaseba is fleeing State House due to adultery related issues involving her husband or herself.

In November 2012, Dr Kaseba fled State House and was at large for close to three weeks  until former president Kenneth Kaunda and other people close to Sata convinced her to return to her matrimonial home.

That time she rAn away after Sata brought closer another concubine Inutu Suba. Sata and Suba have a son

President Michael Sata has a son with Inutu Suba.

The minute Sata was elected president, he appointed Suba as permanent secretary for Southern Province. But civil servants later protested and accused her of arrogance and incompetence. They demanded that she be removed.

Sata transferred her to Central province. Within two months, civil servants in Kabwe demonstrated and demanded that the incompetent Inutu Suba be removed from Central province.

Sata transferred her friend to Luapula province.

Just when civil servants were about to launch protests against her, the president promoted Suba and took her to Lusaka as Cabinet Office special duties permanent secretary.

This position makes Suba in charge of the Office of the President.

It is believed that it is the transfer of Suba to Lusaka that enraged the first lady and led to the fight and eventual fleeing of the medical Doctor wife of the president.

Suba is the aunty to inspector-General of police Stella Libongani. Stella grew up in Suba’s house.



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