Sata’s witness Nzowa ‘clears’ Nevers Mumba

Sata’s witness Nzowa ‘clears’ Nevers Mumba

MUMBAFormer Deputy High Commissioner to Canada Nedson Nzowa says MMD president Nevers Mumba did not abuse his authority of office regarding the awarding of a contract to carpet the High Commissioner’s residence because he did not make the decision alone.

This is in the ongoing persecution of opposition figures by ailing president Michael Sata.

Nzowa was hired by president Michael Sata to testify against Mumba and implicate him in the charges which sata announced against Mumba.Nzowa was even sent to Canada to go and fish evidence. On the first day of trial, Nzowa said there was an account opened but that Mumba was not a signatory.

Nzowa was testifying in a case in which Mumba is charged with alleged abuse of authority of office and mismanagement of public funds involving over Canadian dollars (CAD$) 156, 000.

Nzowa also told the court that the process to repair the High Commissioner’s residence was initiated way before Dr. Mumba had been appointed as Zambia’s High Commissoner to Canada.

He said the condition of the High Commissioner’s residence was habitable but it needed repairs before Mumba occupied it.

The Former deputy commissioner testified that Barrick Gold Corporation donated CAD$122, 229.85 to the Zambian High Commission in Canada.

“There was correspondence from Barrick Gold stating that the donation was to the High Commission. The moment the money was donated to the mission, it became public funds,” he said.

Mr Nzowa said it was the responsibility of the High Commissioner to source funds.

It is alleged that Mumba failed to comply with procedures in receiving and disbursing CAD$122, 229.85, illegally awarded a contract for electrical works (CAD$9,000) and carpeting (CAD$19,850) at the High Commissioner’s residence to Restcon ConstructionServices and Argos Carpet Limited, respectively.
Mumba is also alleged to have awarded a contract for the construction of a deck at the Zambian High Commissioner’s residence valued at CAD$5,248 to Stanmark Construction.

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