Sata’s youthday protocal raises eye-bows in Cabinet, Govt

Sata’s youthday protocal raises eye-bows in Cabinet, Govt

President Michael Sata’s Youthday rally protocol in his address yesterday is reportedly raising concerns among some Cabinet Ministers and senior government officials regarding the position of National Secretary, Wynter Kabimba.

During the address

Sata- deliberate or job on training

, Sata recognized Party National Secretary Wynter Kabimba ahead of Cabinet Ministers, including Chishimba Kambwili who is the current Minister in Charge of Youths.

Sata’s protocol was as follows:

The Chief Justice,

The Hon. Speaker,

The Vice-President,

The Secretary General of our Party

And Cabinet Ministers….

Some insiders told the Watchdog that Wynter Kabimba was more of the Minister Without Port-Folio going by the numerous high-level government assignments he is given to represent the president.

Mr. Kabimba recently lambasted Cabinet Ministers saying they have shallow minds for failing to explain the PF manisfesto to the people on many government policies.

Vice-President Guy Scott replied by saying Kabimba was entitled to his own opinion.

Many organisations have asked President Sata to explain Kabimba’s role in the PF cabinet since he is not even an elected government official.

Kabimba, who is currently heading a Commission of Inquiry on the operations of Energy Regulation Board (ERB) and has not finished his report for submission to the President, questioned the Roger Chongwe Commission of Inquiry on the Mongu killings.

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