Saudi Arabian swindles State House, fails to shut down ZWD

 A fake  Saudi Arabian Information Technology (IT) ‘expert’ brought in the country to shut down the Zambian Watchdog has failed to complete the assignment but is awash with money, thank to State House dunderheads. 

Meanwhile several IT experts from various security wings and government institutions will soon after the festive season leave for China to learn on how they can shut down the Zambian Watchdog.

A source from the Intelligence has told the Zambian Watchdog that State House Special Assistant for Corruption Kaizer Zulu together with some Office of the President Officers brought a Saudi Expert using a Pseudo name of Khalid Saad to shut down the Zambian Watchdog but the Saudi has failed prompting the formation of a team that will go to China through the help of a Chinese Telecommunication Company, Huawei. The source said Khalid who has been accommodated at Chita Lodge in Olympia Lusaka requested for all phone numbers registered under ZICTA and demanded K5million before the assignment. ” All phone numbers registered under all the phone service subscribers in Zambia were forwarded to State House. The man demanded K5 million upfront payment and some Chinese company I’m yet to know paid through KZ(Kaizer Zulu)” the source said.

The source said on Friday the Saudi was asked whether there was any progress but failed to give a satisfactory answer prompting State House Advisor for Corruption Kaizer Zulu to call for formation of a similar team like that which in 2013 arrested three journalists linking them to the Zambian Watchdog. The source said the team will spend some time at Huawei in China a Company that supplied the SMS tracking equipment to Airtel that diverted SMS for journalists Thomas Zyambo and Clayson Hamasaka. The source said former Special Assistant to President Michael Sata for Press George Chella has given part of the information and system on the operation of the Zambian Watchdog to Kaizer Zulu in exchange for freedom.

” Why do you think George Chella is walking the streets of Lusaka freely when we all know that the boy has amassed serious ill gotten wealth? Do you know why the Anti Corruption Commission have not said anything about George even after being summoned? He has exchanged some system called SMS tracker with his freedom. That system is on Kaizer’s PC (Personal Computer) the source said.

The source said Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba brokered the deal between Kaizer and George Chellah to exchange information. Zambian Watchdog is making frantic efforts to name the officials from DEC, Police Intelligence, Zicta and Office of the President that will be travelling to China. You have to know them in case they are your neighbours.

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