Saunders says miners are bitter with PF

Political Analyst Dante Saunders says the continued job losses in the mining sector will have a negative impact on the performance of the PF during next year’s elections.

Mr. Saunders has explained to QFM News that most miners, who have lost jobs, are bitter with government for failing to formulate policies that would have seen the survival of mines during this period of operational challenges.

Mr. Saunders says there is no need for government to constitute a team of forensic auditors to determine whether the Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Nchanga Underground Mine is still viable saying they are aware of the impact the power deficit and low copper prices on international markets have had on the operations of the mines.

He says it is very clear that most mines are not viable due to the current challenges.

He adds that the PF ought to know that they will not perform the same way they performed during 2011 general elections saying they have failed to live up to their promises of caring for the majority Zambians.

Mr. Saunders says it is disturbing that just weeks after Mopani Copper Mines layed off over 4, 000 miners, KCM management has also decided to place Nchanga Under Ground Mine under care and maintenance leaving 1,675 workers out of employment.

He says the PF ought to pull up their socks if they are to be spared from the embarrassment that lies ahead of them next year.


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