Saunders urges opposition to report PF corruption to SADC

Political activist Dante Saunders has written to all opposition political parties in Zambian urging them to consider engaging  Southern African Development Community (SADC) on the corruption in the PF government.

Saunders wrote, UPND, MMD, ADD, UNIP and ZDDM.

The text of his letter is reproduced below:

Ref: Corruption and Abuse of Office

I write to bring to your attention the corruption and abuse of office that currently pre-occupied the PF government. In this regard, I write to propose that you petition Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African Union that they take keen interest and investigate alleged corrupt activities committed by some government ministers and other constitutional office bearers under the Patriotic Front (PF) government. My appeal is that lobby the SADC to investigate the alleged corrupt activities being perpetrated by some ministers and other constitutional officer’s holders in the PF government does not in any way mean that I have no faith in the institutions tasked to deal with such issues. I am aware of the commendable jobs that can be done by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and the Auditor General is included.

However, while appreciating the good job that can be done by the institutions I am mindful of that because of high level of personalities being investigated the institution may in a somewhat compromised situation. For instance, the ACC, DEC may need to get permission from the appointing authority to probe government ministers and other constitutional office bearers. We have seen in the past, how some presidents have shielded some ministers that had clearly committed the wrong against the state from prosecution I am aware that, the ministers that were shielded by the presidents are those that were close to the appointing authority. We are seeing the same trend repeating in the Patriotic Front government efforts worse where some people appear to be immune from prosecution.

It all started with the case of the Director for Public Prosecutor (DPP), one Mutembo Nchito who despite facing various cases of abuse, fraud and other related cases, he still enjoys the protection of the president. Several people have called upon President Michael Sata to form of a commission to investigate various crimes alleged to have been committed by the DPP before he was appointed. For example, the Development Bank of Zambia scandal involving the DPP whose out come we all know. But the president with impunity has refused to listen to calls to have the DPP probed

Now we have the case of two ministers accused of serious allegations committed by themselves during the course of their duties. The ACC have announced to this effect that preliminary investigations against Mr. Winter Kabimba who is justice minister and his defense minister counterpart Geoffrey Mwamba. The people have expressed fears that, the investigations will remain academic if the ministers remain in office while investigations are going on. Furthermore, some legal people have offered legal opinion that our law does not allow the investigations against a sitting minister to take place whilst in office. The president has been advised to suspend the two ministers to pave way for investigations. Still the president has remained mute.

We are also of the view that Mr. Kabimba should charged with a serious crime of inside trading regarding the importation of finished fuel product which may have many repercussion. He formed the company to import and distribute fuel in Zambia on 12th Januart shortly after concluding his investigations on how the MMD could have swindled Zambians huge sums of money in the amount of 2 trillion Kwacha. Such activities can quickly remove investor confidence thus affecting the social economic development of this country. The action taken by the president so far is a deliberate attempt to shield corrupt elements in his government. Since the people he is asked to suspend to pave way for a thorough probe are his close allies, the desired probe will never take place.

It is against his background that I invite you to consider engaging the SADC to pressure the president to cause the formation of the commission of inquiry to probe government ministers and constitution officer bears involved in graft. It is important that you partner with other friendly Civil Society Movement, the Church and the Law Association of Zambia in this quest. Let have this problem sorted out in its infancy otherwise it will be difficult to fish culprits and other ill vices in Zambia.

In conclusion, I also propose that you consider organising rallies to inform our people of the ongoing corruptions by this government, which clearly took power on the pedestal of fighting the vice. People need to be sensitised because I would be not be surprised that one day we shall wake up to a rude shock that the country would have ripped off and  those guilt of such economic sabotage would have fled the country.

Yours in National Service

Dante Saunders

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