Save us from corrupt PF officials in Solwezi

I would like to remain anonymous.
Is someone out there listening and ready to help us poor civil servants and save us from evil. We wish to draw the nation’s attention to the unbecoming behaviour of PF leaders led by the Solwezi District Chairman Mr Yobe Banda.
Mr Banda and his group of three comprising the district secretary, Mr Henry Lufungulo, Mr Benson Ngambo, Pastor Mwilu, Mr Brian Chansa have created hell on earth.
The group is daily at provincial administration offices in Solwezi demanding for contracts when they don’t have the capacity to perform and only want that contract to siphon money out of government. They have been intimidating the local business community demanding for money in the name of the party but which money is never used for party activities but just for womanising and beer drinking,
These people are poverty stricken and all they want is money using the system at any cost.They want money which is for development purposes to be given to them. It is interesting that these people in leadership are not  local people but people from distant places who want to make  fast buck here. These people are of the strong view that since PF is in power they will access money easily by virtue of being cadres
Ask the owners of Puma Filling station and business people like Jaids, a well-known Indian contractor and business man who is always being asked for money by these cadres who also threaten him.
They want to be the personnel officers for government and recently had their relatives, girlfriends, sisters and brothers employed at Solwezi government lodge at the expense of qualified people.
They have been selling land in solwezi on the pretext that they were raising money for the party
They want to dictate who should get a contract and when they should be paid. Mr Yobe Banda was recently given a contract to put up street lights in Solwezi and for which he has been paid millions of kwacha and yet this contract has not been properly completed. Like his henchmen, he relies on demanding money from the business community to support his lavish life style
Unfortunately we have not had much support in the past from the political leadership starting with the former provincial minister, Mrs. Josephine limata who the group confused and misused her money. They took advantage of the fact that she was an MMD member working in PF administration and used this loophole to extort money from her and influence her way of doing things. True to their plan, the minister was effectively used in a divide and rule tactic and today the PF is in tatters with those that supported and benefitted from Limata on one side and those that felt left out on the other side.
Unfortunately for Mrs Limata , her daughters were also properly “’used’’ by these same people who took turns sneaking into their bedrooms
The next person they used was arrogant Masumba who spent time dancing his time away in bars and nightclubs where he spent a lot of government money on the pretext of attracting new party members
We are happy that Mr Masumba was removed becaue he was using government money for personal purposes. Can you imagine Masumba spending K100 million on hotel accommodation in less than two months that he served. Check the bill at Kansanshi hotel in Solwezi and also the bill for K2.8 million spent on drinks and women at Chabanga lodge by  Masumba, Benson Ngambo, Yobe Banda Zhoromi, Katolika and the their friends.
The group has also been using threatening language against the mine investors particularly Kansanshi where Mr Yobe Banda was fired. They are always looking for faults in the mine management and have targeted Mr Geoffrey Msiska and General Chinkulu as Zambians who have sold out the interest of their countrymen and women
As civil servants, we are now working in fear because they are always saying they will fix us because they were the ones that suffered for PF and it is now their time to eat as well
The party officials often compared themselves to the MMD government and say, why can’t we benefit from contracts like our friends did.
We are glad that the group has turned against its own provincial leaderships with whom they publicly quarrelled with and disregard their instructions. The group recently organised a fundraising dinner where they forced some of us to buy tickets and we understand that the money raised has not been properly accounted for.
We hope that the new Minister Mr Mubukwanu will bring sense and protect us and not succumb to the devious plans of Yobe Banda and his PF cadres in Solwezi.
Concerned civil servant

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