Saviour Chungu dumped

President Michael Sata has stopped using the services of former head of Intelligence Saviour Chungu. President Sata has since opted to use the services of former intelligence officers in the UNIP era.
An intelligence source disclosed in an interview that Sata stopped using Chungu for management of a parallel intelligence structure during the same time he fired former Information Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Mwamba.
“Saviour Chungu is no longer in the parallel structure, he is quite a smart guy. He knows the future of this government all he wanted was to have some of his properties that were seized by the task force given back to him. The President is now using old Madalas from UNIP to run the parallel structure” the source said.
The source said Chungu has even stopped frequenting State House.”In the past they could even crash with the current Director General at State House but now he is not even seen. Sata is using Kaunda’s people now” the source further said.
The source however said all other members of the structure including Mr. Charles Chimumbwa the former PF secretary General who is responsible for recruitment and Judge Ngoma responsible for State House security remain intact.

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